Fun with the Graph Mapper

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18 minutes
Zach Downey

In this tutorial we play around with the Graph Mapper component to control the shape of a simple vase. We also use the Array Polar component to rotate the fins of the vase. The Graph Mapper is an excellent way to visually control the shape of objects. In this example, it is almost a direct one-to-one relationship between the curves of the Graph Mapper and the Nurbs curves we are creating in Grasshopper. Have fun with it.


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Hi Zac Thank you for the tutorial it's really useful and you explain the steps very well. I just have one question , I faced trouble when i connected the "x" from deconstruct plane to "D" from SDL line , it didn't give me the long lines you have , it's 7:54 in your video , and i checked my components over and over but I don't know where I've made the mistake, the lines are too short and they are sort of lost in the big square planes I have. I would really appreciate it if you answer me Thank you soooooo much Kiana
Hey Zac, Great tutorial! I learned so much! Did you ever do a thickening tutorial? How hard is it? I would love to print some of these! Thanks!
Great vid! Thanks, there were useful components to learn:).
Zach Downey, Awesome tutorials :)

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