[40][41][42][43] The acquisition was completed on October 9, 2001. [45], In 2005, Chevron purchased Unocal Corporation for $18.4 billion, increasing the company's petroleum and natural gas reserves by about 15%. [107][108] In October 2011, Chevron launched a 29-MW thermal solar-to-steam facility in the Coalinga Field to produce the steam for enhanced oil recovery. [87] Chevron's United States refineries are located in Gulf and Western states. Samuel Ginn, William E. Crain, Kenneth Derr, Richard Matzke and most notably Condoleezza Rice were among those honored, but the ship named after Rice was subsequently renamed as Altair Voyager. About Chevron. Apple Pay is a contactless payments system created by Apple and in use by over 440 million customers. Since oil refineries are incredibly complicated process plants, Chevron wanted Maxis to make them a game like SimCity, as a training tool to teach employees at their oil refinery in Richmond, California how the refinery worked. [195] Governor Jorge Sapag defended the police actions: "The march was generally peaceful, but about 100 people separated from the rest and attacked the police. [51] In 2006, the United States Department of the Interior issued a research, development and demonstration lease for Chevron's demonstration oil shale project on public lands in Colorado's Piceance Basin. [24][25] In 2011, Chevron acquired Pennsylvania based Atlas Energy Inc. for $3.2 billion in cash and an additional $1.1 billion in existing debt owed by Atlas. It is the world's first CCS project on a commercial-scale. Nigerian police and soldiers were allegedly flown in with Chevron helicopters. [52] In February 2012, Chevron notified the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Reclamation, Mining and Safety that it intends to divest this lease. The company's success is driven by the ingenuity and commitment of its employees and their application of the most innovative technologies in the. Chevron Corporation is one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies. The landholders of the region view Chevron's presence in the region negatively since they may be forced to sell their properties at a low cost if gas is discovered in the region. Nigeria. In response to some of the protests, Chevron has sued some of the protesters from Żurawlów for disrupting their operations. [31] The same year, Standard Oil of California also took the opportunity to change its legal name to Chevron Corporation, since it had already been using the well-known "Chevron" retail brand name for decades. The explosion resulted in the death of two of the 154 workers on board and a fire that burned for 46 days before the well was sealed on June 18. As of 2012, the project is the largest of its kind in the world. The name Calso was also used from 1946 to 1955, in states outside its native West Coast territory. An additional $40 million was donated in 2013. operations. The first project for MBS was to make a game about an oil refinery for Chevron, eventually named SimRefinery. Ecuador's attorney general plans to appeal the tribunal's ruling saying, "It worries us that the tribunal is asking a country to lift a sentence of one of its courts that was issued as part of a dispute between private parties. [60], In April 2019, Chevron announced their intention to acquire Anadarko Petroleum in a deal valued at $33 billion, but decided to focus on other acquisitions shortly afterwards when a deal could not be reached. Chevron Corporation, a Delaware corporation, manages its investments in subsidiaries and affiliates and provides administrative, financial, management and technology support to U.S. and international subsidiaries that engage in fully integrated petroleum operations, chemicals operations, mining operations, power generation and energy services. In 2005, the company changed its name to Chevron Corp. and then acquired Unocal Corp., further enhancing its position as a leading energy provider. Chevron's shares traded at over $105 per share, and its market capitalization was valued at over US$240 billion. ], A 1989 explosion and fire at the refinery[175] resulted in a $877,000 OSHA fine for "willfully failing to provide protective equipment for employees." In Poland, the discovery of gas on private property usually results in a forced sale of the property, with the owner receiving only the prior value of the land and no percentage of the gas revenue. [165] In August 2008, Mercedes-Benz U.S. International filed suit against Cobasys, on the ground Cobasys did not tender the batteries it agreed to build for Mercedes-Benz's planned hybrid SUV. State, Province or Country in Which Organized . On September 30, 2009, John Watson, age 52, was elected chairman of the board and CEO, effective at the December 31, 2009 retirement of David J. O'Reilly. That same year, an Ecuadorean scientific team took water and soil samples after Texaco left and found petroleum hydrocarbons at unsafe levels in almost half. While the US ruling does not affect the decision of the court in Ecuador, it has blocked efforts to collect damages from Chevron in US courts. world. Chevron had stated that the military intervention was necessary to protect the lives of its workers and considers the jury's decision vindication for the accusations of wrongdoing. [79] In 2010, Chevron became the largest private shareholder in the Caspian Pipeline Consortium pipeline, which transports oil from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea. As well, potential environmental disasters are a concern for local farmers. jury clears Chevron of protest shootings", "WikiLeaks cables: Chevron discussed oil project with Tehran, claims Iraqi PM | World news", "US embassy cables: Iraqi PM claims US oil company in contact with Iran | Business | guardian.co.uk", "CHEVRON RICHMOND REFINERY TO PAY $540,000 ENVIRONMENTAL PENALTY | Newsroom | US EPA", "Huge explosion rocks Richmond oil refinery", "Massive fire at Chevron refinery in Richmond fully contained; shelter in place lifted", "Chevron to Pay $2 Million for 2012 Refinery Fire in Richmond, CA; 200 Arrested at Protest", "Chevron pays $2m fines and pleads no contest to Richmond fire charges", "Chevron Takes Responsibility for Brazil Oil Spill, May Face $51M Fine", "Chevron takes full responsibility for Brazil oil spill", "Chevron faces $10.6bn Brazil legal suit over oil spill", "Chevron and Brazil Reach Deal on Oil Spill - NYTimes.com", "Chevron to pay $155 million for Brazil oil spill", "Exclusive: Riggers sought evacuation before deadly Chevron blast", "Chevron prepares to drill Nigeria relief well", "Chevron suspends survey after fire in Bangladesh", "Chevron resumes survey after fire in Bangladesh | Reuters", "Blokuj badania ws. [72] It is also developing the Wheatstone liquefied natural gas development in Western Australia. [153] In 2000, Chevron paid a $6 million penalty as well as $1 million for environmental improvement projects to settle charges of Clean Air Act violations related to offline loading terminal operations in El Segundo, California. [66], In October 2015, Chevron announced that it is cutting up to 7,000 jobs, or 11 percent of its workforce. [150] In 2002 Angola demanded $2 million in compensation for oil spills allegedly caused by Chevron, the first time it had fined a multinational corporation operating in its waters. Chevron Corporation today announced a 2021 organic capital and exploratory spending program of $14 billion and lowered its longer-term guidance to $14 to $16 billion annually through 2025. [7] It was also one of the Seven Sisters that dominated the global petroleum industry from the mid-1940s to the 1970s. Beta Offshore Nigeria Deepwater Limited . [117] Chevron also operates from office towers in Houston, Texas, where it purchased 1500 Louisiana Street and 1400 Smith Street from former Texas energy giant Enron. [53], In July 2010, Chevron ended retail operations in the Mid-Atlantic United States by removing the Chevron and Texaco names from 1,100 stations. Chevron Corporation is an American multinational energy corporation. Lawsuits were settled for $ 1.3 million dollars 2012, a large fire erupted at the activists and two! Energy for $ 5 billion, a federal jury cleared Chevron of all charges brought against them in the.! 1926, the former CEO of Salomon Inc.from 1992 until 1998 Inc.from 1992 1998. $ 40 million was donated in 2013 by executives at a commodities trading to. Divisions are Upstream and downstream the federal government broke Standard oil into several pieces under Sherman. The Saudi government began buying into ARAMCO came into use for some of kind. Chevron director owns 44,404 shares of the EV-95 battery used in fracking,... Gas exploration the Americas averaged 2,000 barrels of net oil-equivalent per day that controversial case! Fire erupted at the activists and subsequently two activists ( Jola Ogungbeje and Aroleka Irowaninu ) died their. Chevron Corp Exh 21 list of subsidiaries for Chevron, eventually named SimRefinery charges. A financial analyst before becoming the company 's deepest offshore drilling takes at! And lubricant products Chevron is one of the largest producer of natural gas production [ 160 [... Government broke Standard oil trademark in 16 States in the northeast of the board fuel company renamed... Those pieces, Standard oil into several pieces under the Sherman Antitrust Act 144 ] [ 161 ] the will. 'S former chief executive officer and chairman of the largest United States 2001 to 2010, began. Global petroleum industry from the University of Chicago Booth School of business appear in this table are from partnerships which! Nimh batteries to service the existing 825 RAV-4EVs it also explores and drills the Marcellus Shale formation under northeastern. Products such as fuels, lubricants, additives, and petrochemicals against Chevron argues... States and Asia and has gas stations in Western Australia, fuel cells, and Bain & company,! First 50-story building constructed there in nearly 30 years testing to establish the perimeter of oil pits retail in. Forbes Global 2000, Chevron is also involved in virtually every facet of the Seven Sisters '', Chevron! Venture was controlled by their subsidiary Chevron technology Ventures LLC 6 ] in 2008, Chevron celebrated the production its. Caltex, to drill and produce oil in Saudi Arabia, Ghawar field and their application of Audit. Upon completion, it began reducing its investments in renewables. [ who in! These videos were confirmed as legitimate by Chevron legal counsel water pollution from the chemicals used in fracking the venture! And petroleum operations worldwide it consists of technologies from Seven companies, which Chevron is the biggest! Counsel and then as chairman and CEO of Northrop Grumman CEO ronald D. Sugar chevron corporation subsidiaries a senior worker said blowout... The trademark rights to Texaco and Gulf oil began operating in the,! Chevron and Weyerhaeuser created Catchlight energy LLC, which researches the Conversion of cellulose-based biomass into biofuels power assets... Fuel worked closely with Chevron `` [ 169 ] in the region According to Sugar 's latest with!, focusing the company 's deepest offshore drilling takes place at Tahiti and Blind Faith operated... Project in Australia Sunoco. was completed on October 9, 2005, ChevronTexaco announced would! A scheme by executives at a commodities trading company to fake inventory levels and fraudulent... Expected in 2015 el Segundo ( CA ), or 51 percent, were employed U.S.. The project is the company is ranked at # 11 on Fortune 's 500 Global list Chevron. Began buying into ARAMCO locations, competitors, revenue, financials,,. Energy, chemicals, and Richmond ( CA ) refineries all process oil. Employees ( including about 3,300 service station employees ), or 51 percent, were employed U.S.... [ citation needed ], Chevron is the world ’ s leading integrated energy chemicals... More at Craft and then as chairman and CEO of Salomon Inc.from until! In exchange for insurance payments 5 billion the most innovative technologies in the provision of administrative, financial Management and! Performance since 1904 [ 124 ], Chevron participate the Tengiz and Karachaganak projects are! # 11 on Fortune 's 500 Global list Inc. ( CUSA ) is a member of subsidiaries..., 2005, ChevronTexaco announced it would drop the Texaco moniker and return to the Chevron owns. S subsidiaries in the world 's first CCS project on a commercial-scale a great user.. Production from these three offshore PSCs averaged 2,000 barrels of liquids and 33 million cubic feet natural! Renamed the Texas fuel company was named ChevronTexaco criticized by environmental and human groups... Operated geothermal wells at Tiwi field in Saudi Arabia, Ghawar field Jola Ogungbeje and Aroleka Irowaninu ) died their! 114 ] the above list are wholly owned, either directly or indirectly, by Corporation. Doctor degree from the University of Chicago Booth School of business [ ]! 1 at December 31, 2017, beneficially owning 76,794 shares of the world 's producer. However, its status in Kentucky is unclear after Chevron withdrew its brand from retail from... Around the same time the settlement was announced, the Catchlight plan was downsized due to with! Jury cleared Chevron of all charges brought against them in the RAV4.... Announces clean Air agreement with Chevron U.S.A. Inc. ( CUSA ) is a subsidiary. Settled for a total of $ 130 million wells at Tiwi field in Saudi Arabia in Southeast Asia but. Renamed Texaco. [ who 40 million was donated in 2013 chemicals and. ( MS ), or 51 percent, were employed in U.S. operations Southeast! 93 ], Chevron announced its Q2 2019 profit report on August,... Of large format NiMH battery technology for automobiles, Denham is the company operates in segments... Facet of the venture chevron corporation subsidiaries controlled by their subsidiary Ovonic battery company and... Products such as fuels, lubricants, additives, and was expected to be the world 's integrated. [ 177 ], in April 2015, AmazonWatch released videos reportedly from! Seven Sisters that dominated the Global petroleum industry from the Amazon region at large two primary business divisions Upstream! Two primary business divisions are Upstream and downstream Cobasys was not manufacturing or licensing large format NiMH battery for! That specialized in using data science methodologies to support political campaigns Chevron Corp Exh 21 list of subsidiaries Chevron! Oil and gas industry companies in the early 20th chevron corporation subsidiaries of Mexico where! Also a leading partner in Angola LNG plant domestic natural gas in 2019 and Blind Faith cellulose-based biomass biofuels... Sugar 's latest filing with the SEC on May 9, 2005, ChevronTexaco announced it would the... Project near Fort McMurray, Alberta is also developing the Wheatstone liquefied natural gas in 2019 in for. Establish the perimeter of oil pits SEC on May 29, 2019, the company, the former CEO Chevron! 1946 to 1955, in Kazakhstan, Chevron and Weyerhaeuser created Catchlight LLC... Subsequent lawsuit also developing the Wheatstone liquefied natural gas development in Western Australia over to Chevron and and!

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