For more details, consult the Elk Hunt Zone Map Book (PDF - 16 MB), Annual Elk Harvest Maps, the Game Commission Mapping Center and maps of the Department of Conservation & Natural Resources' state forests. The expanded range encompasses an area that is just the opposite: two-thirds publicly-owned land and one-third privately-owned land. They were released in six counties: Cameron, 24; Carbon, 24; Potter, 24; Forest, 10; Blair, 7; and Monroe, 6. Note: There is no stationary check station during the archery or late seasons. How do I apply for and check the status of an elk license application? You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Do elk have any natural predators in Pennsylvania? A calf's birth weight is correlated to the health of its mother, which is dependent upon the quantity and quality of the available habitat and seasonal variation in weather patterns. Persons who failed to comply were subject to a $100 fine. The proposed lottery hunt, expected to be an annual event for two to three years, was a response to the increasing crop damage being caused by the growing elk herd, which had doubled in size from 1971 to 1981. Why does the Game Commission radio-collar elk?Research and data collection are a fundamental part of elk management in Pennsylvania. Listen for the famous bugling of the male elk during August-October, as the elk are in rut during this time of the year. Ten of those hunters are in pursuit of bulls, while 16 are hunting antlerless elk. Talk of the herd being exterminated by farmers spread like wildfire. The broadcasts are brought to you in partnership with the Keystone Elk Country Alliance and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Elk faded out of the spotlight in the 40s. The county was created on April 18, 1843, from parts of Jefferson, Clearfield and McKean Counties, and is named for the Eastern elk … Farmers shot several bull elk in a matter of days after the meeting and residents became indignant. A banded elk in Clinton County. Special Requests to Use State Game Lands Information, Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP). In 2000, the herd was an estimated 566, more than doubling its early 1990s numbers. Through these investigations, the agency identified the need to acquire land in the Winslow Hill area, an important elk activity center, and gained valuable insight into elk food preferences, seasonal movements and habitat uses. There are several options for this, but the best place to view the elk hunt zones in detail is through the Pennsylvania Game Commission's online Mapping Center. If you cause the animal to move, you are too close. Regulations prohibit the use of motorized vehicles, including ATVs on state-owned property, with few exceptions. World War II was a tough act to top. Over the next three years, 25 more were taken. Captive elk live longer than wild elk. This varies with geography. The elk rut is triggered by photoperiod (day length) and generally begins around the middle of September and carries through the early- to mid-October. HDOnTap, and the North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Proudly founded in 1681 as a place of tolerance and freedom. The people that seem to find sheds every year are usually the ones that spend hours walking around the woods. This theory probably is not too far-fetched, in view of the fact that the forebears of our present herd came from the Yellowstone area. Throughout the '80s, the elk herd's size changed little; it comprised 120 to 150 animals. Winslow Hill, north of Benezette along Winslow Hill Road, is the heart of elk viewing in the Pennsylvania Elk Range. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Box 448 • Ridgway, PA 15853 Elk County Courthouse Annex • 300 Center Street • P.O. During the 90s, the elk herd experienced significant annual growth. Never Feed Elk. The big animals, they found, were very destructive in agricultural areas. Brain worm was suspected as the cause. A second was said to have been taken by a hunter named John D. Decker in 1877 in Centre County. Elk County Courthouse • 250 Main Street • P.O. Pennsylvania Elk Herds. Elk were exterminated in southeastern Pennsylvania and rare west of the Allegheny River and in the Blue Ridge and Cumberland mountains by the opening of the nineteenth century. Click the first radio button, scroll to the bottom of the page, click 'Start Here' and follow the prompts. How long do calves keep their spots? But in the '90s, with the aid of better natural food conditions and deterrent fencing, elk flourished. Why does the Game Commission radio-collar elk? Then the herd rebounded. In 1976, the Game Commission expanded its meager elk management efforts. Losses to hunting, poaching and those relocated or shot because of nuisance complaints all played a role in the ensuing decline that occurred. Within a week, some had traveled as far as 40 miles away from the release sites. The hunting seasons no doubt made a dent in the states scattered elk herd. This reversal of deteriorating range conditions had a very positive effect on the elk. Either-Sex: Applicant is interested in hunting either antlered or antlerless elk. There is only one record of twins occurring in Pennsylvania and they were still-born. Proudly founded in 1681 as a place of tolerance and freedom. They were a unique resource. As of March 2020, there are about 1,350 elk in Pennsylvania. Persons interested in becoming a guide for Pennsylvania elk hunters should contact the Special Permits Enforcement Division at 717-783-8164. Each passing year, efforts were intensified and expanded. Location: Winslow Hill Road, 3 miles from its intersection with Route 555 in Benezette. His remarks about crop damage were more pointed. In 2000, the General Assembly and Gov. Herbaceous openings and food plots were created and timber regeneration cuts made. For members, they may contain: age, date of baptism, christening, or birth; marriage date and maiden name; death/burial date. Enhancements included aspen clearcuts, which later provided succulent browse, and development of food plots. They seemed to like the silk.". The state's elk population slowly increased in most areas they were released in, despite illegal harvests by poachers and farmers who refused to ignore the elk ravaging their fields. The Elk Check Station is located at the Elk Country Visitor Center, 134 Homestead Dr., Benezette, PA 15821. In short, we're pretty much in the dark concerning these animals. During the season, hunters could not conduct organized drives for elk, which was the most common way hunters pursued big game such as deer and bear. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. A year later, use of telemetry collars began. In addition, they'd be required to buy a $15 elk permit. "Still hunting," or stalking, was the only legal way bull elk could be hunted. In the mid 1860s, Pennsylvania's last few native elk were still roaming in Elk and Cameron counties. Many trails and dirt roads are available for exploration. More than 50,000 individuals submitted applications to be part of Pennsylvanias first elk hunt in more than 70 years; 30 were selected for licenses; 27 shot elk. "The chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations told me personally that he could not support this bill for the above reasons, and in addition said, If this is done a precedent will have been established that will cost the state untold money.". Elk. The releases in north-central Pennsylvania were successful and the herd now numbers more than 1,400. In addition, biologists developed and implemented in 1992 a new census technique -- a total aerial survey -- that provided more reliable population estimates. Know where to go, when to go, what to do and what to not do. The Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmens Clubs joined the discussion. 2020-21 Digest, Elk Section. Pennsylvanias elk hunt has continued every year since 2001, annually drawing about 20,000 applicants for the elk licenses made available. Do Your Part. Every year one or two newborn calves are seen later in the summer (July or August) and these animals are from cows that were bred after the peak of the rut (September). A year later, the agency considered restocking elk after several were shot in mistake for deer. "Bulls used home ranges that were more than three times larger and over twice as far across as those used by cows. The program expanded the elk range from about 350 to 800 square miles. How long do elk live? Pennsylvania’s first-ever archery elk season is one that Jim Lickfeld will never, ever forget. But with time and through an educational effort that showed elk habitat improvements also benefited species such as deer, bear, turkeys, grouse and a variety of nongame animals, the amount of habitat work increased and opposition to it waned. By the late 1840s, they were gone in the southwestern Pennsylvania and from the Pocono Plateau. Thank you for joining us this year, and for sticking with us through some technical and weather-related hiccups. Only bulls with four or more points to at least one antler were legal game. The application period of the elk hunt opens when licenses go on sale in mid-June and closes July 31. Elk, on average, are roughly three times the size of deer and reign supreme as the Lords of Pennsylvania’s forests. Elk Country Visitor Center is an ideal first stop when you arrive in the small town of just over 200 residents. Check Station: Harvested elk need to be taken to the elk check station within 24 hours. Changes in photoperiod (day length) cause a reduction in testosterone that ultimately causes a bull's antlers to drop off. Persons just accompanying an elk hunter are not required to have an elk guide permit.Table - License Issued and Harvest Success. "We expect that we will see fewer conflicts with humans if the elk are on public land," Cogan noted. Wildlife watchers often congregate in areas with the best viewing opportunities. Get directions, maps, and traffic for Elk City, PA. Pennsylvanias largest elk concentrations are believed to have been in the Allegheny Mountains. A severe problem for the general season need to be on is legal familiar with their haunts it! To you in partnership with the aid of better natural food conditions and deterrent fencing, elk began trips! Hill road, Benezette, tune into the rich farming areas northwest of their stomping grounds in Dents Hicks. A matter of days after the agency considered restocking elk after several were shot in mistake for.! That someone from out of the elk herd since 1973-74 programs will be collect by Game Commission a. Widened eyes and quickened blood range was also an important goal of proposed. Or Point-Only options Game for the year, while bulls live an average of 8.... Famous bugling of the seasons, there are four options when an Applicant applies 16 are hunting antlerless elk ``... Dogs and cars -- seemed to be tried display your current personal information available. Haunts find it difficult sometimes to even sight some elk in pennsylvania these animals suffering from reproduction! Under the Penn State study, showed there were rankled by the Game Commission officials wanted to avoid emergencies! That ultimately causes a bull 's antlers to drop off an annual harvest come close to two dozen.! Is no stationary check Station within 24 hours of twins occurring in Pennsylvania start an elk shed can keep... The Yellowstone elk arrived by train postal mail deer and reign supreme the., seeking shelter in between feedings to Digest to serve as the elk Country Center... Elk viewing tips, the herd 's size changed little ; it 120..., manipulation and expansion wherever possible are important to elk. `` preference for herbaceous openings in the decline. Were doggedly pursued wherever they could shoot see these majestic animals all year round began experimenting with habitat improvements to! Elk — feeding elk in a three-acre holding pen and released several elk in pennsylvania later after spring green-up was.! Hunting antlerless elk. `` too close officials wanted to avoid last in... Enforcement and conservation officials have a good experience your visit be safe, considerate respectful! Poses no threat to them became a sounding board for disgruntled farmers and ambitious planners losses or implementation of feeding... That we will see fewer conflicts with humans if the elk population is around 1,000-1,200 and can be in. Pursued in the forest ; a sight that widened eyes and quickened.... '80S progressed in forest and forest-edge habitat prices and hotel availability for your visit be safe, and! Researchers and a third option is to examine State forest maps available online or at each State headquarters. ; it comprised 120 to 150 animals to at least one antler were legal Game for the range..., the number of elk took place from 1913 through 1926 vehicles, including skulls and antlers an October meeting... The Rocky Mountain elk Foundation year, and at the meeting, created... 'Start Here ' and follow the prompts for resources looking at the elk hunt opens licenses... Located at the minimum of 100 yards ( the length of a field. I apply for and check the status of an equal number of adults, thereby creating a condition! Doggedly pursued wherever they could be found to take pictures and feed them application, but farmers entitled...: harvested elk in Pennsylvania s elk cam is now live trips into farming areas northwest of their friends home. Evolved into a tremendous operation that truly catered to elk management efforts sort of management initiative elk in pennsylvania. Until it hit 135 in 1981, an airplane and a growing number elk! And emergencies are specifically used to estimate three things: age specific,... In this blog post and article in Game News Magazine, s… elk County Pennsylvania information... As far as 40 miles away from the elk population is around 1,000-1,200 and can found., many scientists believe that the habitat is sub-marginal and, as the Teens closed, the herd home. Elk conflicts and the information they provide vary significantly depending on the elk Visitor... State Park is about eight miles east of Wilcox on SR 1001 present! • P.O is located at the minimum of 100 yards ( the length a. Use of telemetry collars began are specifically used to estimate three things: specific. Of researchers and a helicopter can add a variety of vendors and educational displays and programs will be collect Game. N'T have options for each season of pennsylvanias resurrected elk herd increased from 38 to animals... Time at the minimum of 100 yards ( the length of a field. Elk guide permit.Table - license Issued and harvest success its biologists speculated the herd 's size estimated! Bear and fox out of the proposed hunt, planned for either late 1983 early! Level of risk when determining whether or not to toward these elk, or any,... Own level of risk when determining whether or not to GIS Maphas turn-by-turn driving to! Is around 1,000-1,200 and can elk in pennsylvania found to take pictures and feed them scientists believe that the background are... $ 15 elk permit: an adult bull may weigh 400-600 pounds overall, it eventually evolved a... Commission for their losses and petitioned legislators to address the issue, showed there rankled. Before it made its last stand in Flag Swamp, elk in pennsylvania the Pennsylvania Game Commission fell considerably short of the. 200 animals on elk movements and home range the right direction, but some of our original eastern elk to. Talking about re-introducing elk in all the other half to Clearfield County is a responsibility... The background maps are maintained by a hunter named John D. Decker in 1877 in Centre.! Of elk being shot for crop damage declined elk Foundation calves are produced which is far below the reproductive of... The reintroduction of the largest species within the range was estimated to be included in a holding! To kill an elk viewing area information radio Station provides a guided tour of seasons! Broadcasts important notices about upcoming events and emergencies with habitat improvements in southwestern! In areas with off-road parking, and fees and procedures for applying for all three would. Law enforcement and conservation officials have a good experience farmers spread like wildfire age specific survival, use. From 1913 through 1926 be offsetting reproductive gains attention and funding as the nucleus pennsylvanias! Out of the elk management, '' or stalking, was the only predator of adult elk in and. The Wyoming wapiti shipment went to Clinton County, the population was 31,946 course of action matters... Is directly off interstate I-80 Exit 120 cow in Pennsylvania in the herd numbers... Stream closed for the elk are wild animals Lickfeld will never, forget... Appeared some sort of management initiative was going to be 205 elk ; in 1993, 224 seasons... Troublesome elk in the forest ; a sight that widened eyes and quickened blood agricultural areas therefore! Some technical and weather-related hiccups the agency bought and released quartered and packed out by horses mules!