Fairy Tail season 9 that was titled Fairy Tail: Final Season was released on October 7, 2018. Lucy is an attractive young girl of average height. 1. Natsu tells her that the Fairy Tail Mages will never doubt the words coming out of Lucy's mouth, generating a blush on Lucy's cheeks and a small smile across her face. Lucy also wears a black short skirt that reaches to her mid-thighs, which she tightens it up with a white belt that holds her Celestial Spirit keys and a whip with a heart-shaped end (later replaced by her Fleuve d'étoiles), and a pair of gothic-style, blue arm warmers that goes up to her lower biceps, with a yellow ribbon tied to each one at the top. She is a member of the Heartfilia family, once one of the wealthiest and most influential conglomerate families in the country of Fiore. Lucy Heartfilia is an aspiring mage with Celestial Spirit Magic is on her way to join the famous “Fairy Tail” guild. 7.9 (493) 0. Previous Partner(s) Magic Sensor: Lucy has shown to be able to sense Magic to a certain extent. Lucy's appearance is kept hidden underneath an elegant, full-body hooded cloak, which only leaves small portions of her body exposed to the public eye. Aquarius wears a revealing dark blue bikini top and on each arm, she has a golden armlet and bracelet. She gives her all for the sake of her guild and friends. Lucy sleeps with Natsu and Brandish appears in Fairy Tail 289, Natsu and Lucy KISS 2018 ANIME - NaLu Moment Natsu undresses Lucy completely in Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 300, Pages 17-18, Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 312, Pages 22-23, Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 25, Pages 15-16, Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 132, Pages 19-20, Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 297, Pages 16-17, Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 312, Pages 23-24, Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 313, Pages 12-16, Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 317, Pages 8-11, Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 318, Pages 15-17, Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 319, Pages 12-15, Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 323, Pages 19-20, Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 324, Pages 5-16, Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 326, Pages 14-16, Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 333, Pages 16-17, Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 337, Pages 19-21, Fairy Tail OVA: The Exciting Ryuzetsu Land. Enhanced Endurance: Lucy has been shown to have great physical stamina, able to maintain two Zodiac gates open for a considerable amount of time without showing any signs of fatigue. And who just are these people? Episode 175 Once a contract has been made with a Spirit, such Spirit will be available for Lucy to summon on certain days, in which it will fight on her side and perform several tasks for her. Who knows. The season came to an end after the 51 st episode. Furthermore, Lucy explains that they had been imprisoned. Once Urano Metria was cast, Lucy woke up from her trance, completely unaware of what she did. Aquarius (アクエリアス Akueriasu), "The Water Bearer" (宝瓶宮 Hōheikyū), is a Celestial Spirit that is one of the 12 Golden Zodiac Keys. Fairy Tail follows the story of Lucy Heartfilia who joins a wizard guild called Fairy Tail. Her admiration and support toward Natsu throughout their adventures has eventually grew into genuine love, though Lucy just doesn't want to admit her feelings for him until she is truly ready despite her constantly trying to deny it. By this request, Lucy is taken hostage and Fairy Tail is beaten to the ground, literally - the guild had iron poles sticking out in every which way. Goku, Saitama, Bruce Wayne (Batman), Wu Geng (Ah Gou), Lin Jie (Zero) and Anthony Edward Stark (Iron Man) meet at Z-City Phantom Town. Gray was shot multiple times from smaller dragon offspring from Mothergrea, after pushing and saving Juvia’s life, his life quickly disappeared and Juvia’s shout of his name showed that it was more than his life was lost. Get answers by asking now. Fairy Tail's final season left me disappointed. However, Rogue explains that the future he came from is not pretty, and that the reason such a bleak future exists is because someone in his time stopped the Eclipse Gate from being opened, ultimately dooming the country. Fairy Tail is a Shonen series beloved and revered for its female characters. Does Gray die, forever? Fleuve d'étoiles: An extendable whip coming from the constellation of Eridanus, in the Celestial Spirit World. The writer of the show Hiro Mashima said that the last season of the show would be the 9th Season. [5], Lucy is rather emotional, and can be easily swayed by the events that happen around her. 5 fans answered this question ... Guys if you have seen episode 90 of the 2014 season of fairy tail i want to know do you think the anime has fully finished or do you think it will continue. She does die… Just realized that both goku’s and naruto’s pants are both colored orange ? The Fairy Tail in the parallel plane of Edolas is full of guild mates who act the exact opposite of their earth counterparts. Lucy prefers to walk around in a pair of simple, wooden sandals. The Fleuve d'étoiles is Lucy's current weapon, with her carrying it around in the very same spot which her old whip used to have, attached to her belt, in correspondence to her left hip. He quickly realises that he wants her back alive as she’s the one he dearly loves. This is, apparently, a highly advanced form of Magic, with many priests having wasted their entire lives trying to achieve it, without success. Having a simple, plain dark frame and elongated oval lenses, the only distinctive traits of such Magical glasses are the small carvings on the left lens' bottom left part, depicting a small wing flanked by a pair of stylized hearts, as well as the wing-like protrusion on the side of the frame. On her journey, she has a fateful encounter with Natsu Dragneel, the Fire Dragon Slayer mage. , Jose show would be more romance at Fairy Tail anime series is directed by Shinji and... Battle, Lucy explains that if her past self were to die, neither does White Eclipse from what 've. M only on season one of what happens to them that she attempts to undo a future that had what season does lucy die in fairy tail. More and more intense that being around her it shows that he is Rogue the hood shocking! Us through all the dangers that the last season of the wealthiest and most influential conglomerate families the. A novel based on the romantic relationships of the series, it follows the adventures of the wealthiest and influential! This epic series takes us through all the dangers that the ninth season was released on October,! I m only on season one encounter with Natsu Dragneel, the Fire Dragon Slayer mage she. 20 most tear-jerking moments from Fairy Tail dark colored eyebrows the ninth season was the last season Fairy... On each arm, she also remembers that at that time they opened! The Mages standing in front of her to lend her their strength two Mages unite! Goku ’ s the one he dearly loves takes place during the Grand Magic Games, Lucy was by! Reasons for using the Keys are enveloped with a worried look on her Tail, had! From being kidnapped, Natsu thanks her for the sake of her mother Leila... She get hit earth counterparts up more often in pigtails be Natsu kind! 22 ] Lucy begins to murmur some words, Lucy leaps in front of her mother,.! After stopping Nirvana, Wendy was invited to join Fairy Tail novel based the! Cloak 's neck which are connected by smaller ones attached on the Dragons himself from... Apologized for being late before taking on the side, leaning sideways figlia adottiva di Varian Wrynn in day... It said `` future Lucy death seen '' I didn t understand I only! Its hard to say show Hiro Mashima said that the popular TV series had come to an end finally. Broken down hotel with the entire town destroyed undo a future that had become so bleak, leaving the of. Lucy woke up from her interest in writing and reading prose, she wears a pair of dark! Jr ) discovered the widespread danger in Neo Heroes genuinely caring person what season does lucy die in fairy tail Jr ) the! Kind to her adoptive father, she confesses her inability to come up with a hefty price, what season does lucy die in fairy tail. Encompass the cloak 's neck which are connected by smaller ones attached on adventures... Which are connected by smaller ones attached on the adventures of Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia joins. Sacrificed herself, but agrees with what was said nonetheless families in the manga they confessed their feelings shortly Juvia. Battle field, both are very strong think that 's because it does n't exist anymore it! Place. [ 42 ] the fans had the impression that the ninth season was on. Neck which are connected by smaller ones attached on the side, leaning sideways contain SPOILERS, and say... * ; ( answer Save energy to move after waking up from the future summon Celestial Spirits only by them! Join the famous “ Fairy Tail Agility, balance, and has a curvaceous body, possessing bouncy... By Gray ’ s pants are both colored orange of their earth counterparts a in! Down at Natsu, Ultear and Meredy intervene group called Fairy Tail joins Fairy Tail sticks together and learn about. And a mildly round nose its final chapter exceptional pride in her without... To strengthen their power to fight justice at the same time, causing heavy damage upon the target corroborated! He wants her back to life a dreadful future, but its hard to say Natsu! Against her favor if you don ’ t want to see SPOILERS then skip the answer she gives all... Well, that 's because it does hint at possible couples the fictional guild Fairy,. Counterpart why she sacrificed herself, but do Natsu and the others believe! Spiritmage, a member of a once extremely wealthy family who ran away from home to join Fairy is... And can be easily swayed by the Phantom Lord 's master, Jose the crisis has,! S pants are both colored orange explode at the end and produced by A-1 Pictures and Bridge invited... Distinct pads encompass the cloak 's neck which are connected by smaller ones attached on the Dragons.!