Sage: It's not a video chat app like Skype or Facetime or anything. SpongeBob: Thank you! And all charges are dropped. King Poseidon: I hope you don't ran out of juice or you'll end up like the others. SpongeBob: Gary, you're with me now. That thing is a heart attack on a bun! Look, I have a horrible, disgusting wrinkle. Mr. Krabs: Okay, fifty percent talking about the money and fifteen percent talking about I truly miss the boy. Master of Ceremonies: Woop, woop, woop. I made a plea deal with the prosecution! Why don't you be a good little loser and hand over the secret formula? © 2007-2020 Literally Media Ltd. Uh-oh, login failed. I'm Tiffany Haddock and I'm here just for the hell of it. [she enters the kitchen with flies entering], [she opens the fridge, but there was a monster inside the fridge and closes it itself]. I WON'T LET YOU ROB ME OF MY VENGEANCE! Mr. Krabs: But that's the funny thing. [SpongeBob and Patrick opens the curtains and the sun burns on El Diablo's hand, right into stabbing them], [They keep opening to curtains that it keeps killing El Diablo], Patrick: I think the curtain rod need some oil, [He stops when they turn around and gasp that El Diablo actually disintegrates thanks to them opening the curtains], [They both escape from his office and they both stop running and start walking slowly]. All right then let's meet the contestants. Upload, customize and create the best GIFs with our free GIF animator! Young SpongeBob: You should open up your own restaurant, someday. [She knocks and opens the door, looking for SpongeBob]. It's yours. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run. "], [The scene cuts to them riding a canoe with a shark following them. El Diablo: Who told you that? Chancellor: Uh, your royal robe, Your Highness. [We then see Chancellor hands over Gary to King Poseidon]. I'm free! I got to dip. The fire in his eyes, ain't hard to catch it. Free these zombies from their earthly binds and release their souls. I salute you. Our next performers are gonna knock--, [She ran over by SpongeBob and Patrick and stole the spotlight with audience cheering and he sees Posideon]. [The knight attacks a leg while Sandy in the armor kicks him], [The knight armor got slipped by cannonballs], [the armor got slammed in a wall and the other knights look at a exorcist knight armor and they all screamed with their bones released]. Then the scene cuts to jail where SpongeBob and Patrick lives, Patrick then plays with his piano toy, and SpongeBob falls]. While the living knight armor pokes at the knight], [the living knight armor punches him and the other knights look at the living knight and it is Plankton]. What happened to habeas swordfish? I feel you because same! Sandy: Don't you play coy with me, cephalpod. GIF it. SpongeBob: Flesh-eating cowboy pirate zombies?! by Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Mr. Krabs: Do you think we should've stayed in there with Squidward? King Poseidon: This is so freeing! There was a big mistake and you actually won the Campy Award! [He takes of his wig and the knights cheering]. Make way there, make way! I know you've got it in you, sir. Patrick: Huh. Random. Mommy! Search, discover and share your favorite Sweet Relief GIFs. Also, this swap suits them for some reason. Young SpongeBob: Well, you've got one now. SpongeBob: I feel like I swallowed an sea urchin. Good. Mr. Krabs: There's no denying it. Squidward: Which is why, even though I can't stand SpongeBob… but at the same time, well… I love him. SpongeBob: I'm ready!

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