Cut A Caper – The act of dancing in a frolicksome manner. Wild West Weekly – Pulp or “dime” novels. Lasso – A long rope or cord, with a noose, for the purpose of catching wild horses or buffaloes on the Western prairies. Blue Stocking – An epithet applied to literary ladies. Wamble-Cropped – Sick at the stomach, and figuratively, wretched, humiliated. Round Up – A gathering of sheep, cattle or pigs. Pancake – A derogatory term for a small English saddle. Above One’s Bend – Out of one’s power, beyond reach. All Beer and Skittles – Unpleasant, not so happy. Raise – To make a raise. Savey or Sabby – Corrupted from the Spanish saber, to know.To know, to comprehend. Tonsil Paint – Liquor, also referred to as “tonsil varnish.”. ‘Kelter,’ ‘dimes,’ ‘dough,’ rocks,’ and many other words are used in the same manner. Also called “soup.”, One-horse – Small, limited, inferior. Rip-roaring, Rip-staver, Rip-snortin’ – An impressive person or thing. Curry Favor – To seek or gain favor by flattery, caresses, kindness. Swan – So surprised, ready to faint or pass out. Afterclaps – Unexpected happenings after an event is supposed to be over. Brother-Chip – A fellow-carpenter; in a more general sense, a person of the same trade. Contrary to popular thinking, not all cowboys could ride just any horse, though most could ride any broken mount. Yet other sayings still remain in everyday language, though usually specific to certain regions. Line Camp – Crude shacks or camps on the outermost boundaries of a ranch. “I’m lightin’ a shuck for California.”. To have a party or picnic. French Leave – To depart without taking leave, to run away. a children’s game. Stevedore – A man employed in loading and unloading vessels. Below are some that were popular in the 19th-century American west. Stoved up – Crippled, badly injured, or too old. “He was over head and ears in debt.”. Hog-Killin Time – This a “what I mean” very good time! Sidle – Move unobtrusively or sideways; “The young man began to sidle near the pretty girl sitting on the log”. Wild definition, living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated: a wild animal; wild geese. “I reckon that’ll do right fine.”, Reckoning up – Talking about something or someone in a slanderous manner. 2. “There’s been a mighty grist of rain lately.”. “Well, if that ain’t a one-horse town.”. “Pony up that account.” Also, post the pony, i.e. Exodusters – The Biblically inspired name taken by black emigrants who departed the post-Civil War South for the promised land of Kansas. Students should . Brown Study – Deep thought; absence of mind. Rode Fence – Patrolled the range checking see if any areas of fencing needed repairs. Sharps – Any firearm manufactured Christian Sharps for his Sharps Rifle Company. Celestial – A term used in the West to refer to people of Chinese descent; the word derives from an old name for China, the “Celestial Empire.”, Chalk – Not by a long chalk. Also called “lick-spittle.”, Lickspittle – A mean parasite, one who will stoop to any dirty work, Light (or lighting) a shuck – To get the hell out of here in a hurry. Above Snakes – If you were “above snakes,” you were above ground – meaning still alive. Barrow-tram – A rawboned, awkward looking person. Pemican – Easily carried food substance on the frontier. Goat Meat – Venison killed out of season. Haze – To haze round, is to go rioting about. get a wild hair; Definitions include: to get a wild impulse. It eventually became synonymous with anything worthless. Rum-hole, Rum-mill – A small drinking establishment, saloon. Bullboat – A craft with a willow frame covered by buffalo hide. 706. Stand In –  To cost. Blow – To taunt; to ridicule. Let On – To mention, disclose, betray a knowledge. Beef Tea – Shallow water where cows have stood. Flat Out – To collapse, to prove a failure. Skull – The head man anywhere, such as a miner owner or the president. String – A common name among teamsters for a whip. Airtights – Canned goods, such as canned beans, milk, or fruit. Hit pay dirt – Mining term. Go Heeled – To carry a six-shooter, also “packing iron.”. Ace in the Hole – A hideout or a hidden gun. The term was never applied to persons from the Continent of Europe. 552. Wolfer – A man with a large appetite or a hard drinker. Head-Cheese – The ears and feet of swine cut up fine, boiled, and pressed into the form of a cheese. Nurly – A corrupt pronunciation of gnarly, i. e. gnarled. Rouncher, roncher – Used to describe something extreme, powerful, large, fine, remarkable. All-Standing – Without preparation, suddenly. Slogging – A beating, a thrashing, a fight. We use cookies. Pay Dirt – When prospectors find valuable minerals they had hit “pay dirt.”. Carryall – A four-wheeled pleasure carriage, capable of holding several persons. Lock, Stock, And Barrel – The whole thing, the whole “kit and caboodle.”, Long And Short – The end, the result, the upshot. “His horse riding abilities are no great shakes.” Also means a moment, an instant. Arkansas Toothpick – A long, sharp knife. Arose c. 1839 from the 1650s application of the Old English word for “soap suds” to the violent sweating of horses under stress. Tiger Town – Refers to an alley, street or district that had many gambling halls where Faro was played. Shake Up – To obtain, get, procure. He is just too all-fired lazy to get any work done around here. Bamboozle – To deceive, impose upon, confound. one page. Satinet – A twilled cloth made of cotton and wool. May Hay – To put in disorder, to make confusing. Blue-Skins – A nickname applied to the Presbyterians, from their alleged grave deportment. Squally – A sailor’s word for windy, gusty. 123. Also called Prairie Oysters. Band wagon – peddler's wagon. Pack Iron – To carry a revolver or “shooting iron.”. Dragged Out – Fatigued, exhausted, worn out. You sure it wasn’t “Curs”, which would mean cowards? School Ma’am or Marm – A school-mistress, teacher. Also called a coal scuttle. Swate – A violent slap or blow in the face with the open hand. Go It Strong – To perform an act with vigor or without scruple. Sharp Stick – ‘He’s after him with a sharp stick,’ i. e. he’s determined to have satisfaction, or revenge. At Sea – At a loss, not comprehending. 20 More Slang Terms From The Wild Wild West As Americans, the wild wild west is somewhat of a romantic period for the country. Ruckus – Loud noise, voices, a racket. And means, to hang about. Ace in the Hole – A hideout or a hidden gun. Span – A span of horses consists of a pair that are very much alike and harnessed side by side. Taps – To be on one’s taps is to be on one’s feet, on the move, ready to move. No Odds – No difference, no consequence, no matter. long handwritten or typed double spaced and use at least . In Reply to: Wild west phrases and slang wanted posted by R. Berg on March 07, 2005: : Hello: : I am making a western shortfilm, with cowboys and indians. Last edited on Nov 10 1997. Oats – To feel one’s oats, is to feel one’s importance. These were also referred to as “thumbusters,” “cutters,” “smoke poles,” and “hawg legs.”, Plumb, Plum – Entirely, completely. One source claims it comes from a shortening of the title of a popular song during the Mexican War: “Green Grow the Lilacs.”, Grist – A quantity or bunch. Jerked Meat – Beef and other kinds of fresh meat dried in the open air without salt. “It was rainin’ to beat the Dutch.”, Beat the Devil around the Stump – To evade responsibility or a difficult task. Beat the Dutch – To beat all or beat the devil. Scoop in – Trick, entice, inveigle. Gitty-up – Go, Move. Chuck – To throw, by a quick and dexterous motion, a short distance. Advantage – Pocket advantage – Carrying a derringer in a coat pocket that is charged and at half cock. destruction, ruined, destroyed. “When I was a boy, I got plenty of hidings. To Hitch – To agree, to get along amicably. – Well done, good job, good for you. Necktie Social or Necktie Party – A hanging or lynching, most often referred to in vigilante hangings. Spider – A cast iron frying-pan with three legs. Also used to refer to a nagging or complaining woman. Airin’ the Paunch – Vomit, throw-up, regurgitate. A disease of horses and cattle, which is indicated by a yellow appearance of the eyes, inside of the lips, etc. – An exclamation used in the Western States. We got help from reddit slang community and also talked to our local teenagers for compiling the most used Gen Z terms into this comprehensive teen slang list guide.Here are latest 2020 Teenage and Generation Z slang words: Make A Raise – To raise, procure, obtain. Streaked or Streaky – Frightened, annoyed, confused, alarmed. Picayune – Used to signify something small or frivolous. He’s “airing the paunch” after a heavy bout of drinking. It also refers to drinking. All Abroad – At a loss, not comprehending. wild almost to the point of losing control, but effective.When you got up on the table and started lecturing us, that was pretty aggro! “Lambert’s only had two men for breakfast.”. Old Epharim – A term that mountain men called both male or female grizzly bears. Also refers to running away – to “cut and run.”. Sweep – The pole or piece of timber moved on a fulcrum or post, used to lower and raise a bucket in a well for drawing water. Gait refers to the rate a horse moves, which is far faster, so “get going.”. Squatter – One who settles on land without legal title, a widespread practice in the West. This term also applied to professional gamblers who cheated at the Poker tables. Chopper – The cowboy who cuts out the cattle during a roundup. Wild Wild West. Stringing a Whizzer – Telling a tall tale. Skid – A piece of light timber from ten to twenty feet in length, upon which heavier timber or other supplies are rolled or slid from place to place. Arose American West ca. Also “hell-fired” and “jo-fired.”, All Over – Bearing a resemblance to some particular object, All-overish – Uncomfortable. Even if you’re not looking for a definition, you’ll get a peek into the charm and character of a historic era. Not all of the recruits were former slaves; most were free blacks of Northern parentage and many had served with distinction during the Civil War. Cruller – A cake made of a strip of sweetened dough, boiled in lard, the two ends of which are twisted or curled together. n. The western United States during the period of its settlement, especially with reference to its lawlessness. Go Boil Your Shirt – Take a hike, get lost, bug off. From the wild and wooly mining camps to the rampages of the Civil War, to the many cowboys riding on the range, these folks often used terms and phrases that are hard to figure out today. Arkansas Toothpick – A long, sharp knife. Johnny – A Chinaman, also sometime just “John.”. – A cowboy hat, after hat maker John B. Stetson. Dreadful – Very, a lot, exceedingly. Shoot the Crow – Obtain a drink in a saloon and leave without paying. 3. No Count or No Account – Of no account, worthless. Or, the person saying it doesn’t believe what you’re saying. Also known as oxyokes. The Hohokam Indians most likely became the Pima and Papago tribes. Ever wonder what some of them thar’ words mean when you’re reading an Old West novel, watching a historic movie, or maybe even digging through your grandparents’ old letters? Squeeze the Biscuit – Grabbing the saddle horn, not something a cowboy wants to get caught doing. A common nickname for Los Angeles during the bloods and Crips gang wars . Rattled – To become nervous, worried, uneasy. Make a Mash – Make a hit, impress someone. Mosey – To saunter or shuffle along, to be off, to leave, to sneak away. Let Drive – To let fly, to let slip. Parade Chaps – A pair of chaps strictly for show. Strapping – Huge, lusty, bouncing, as, ‘a strapping lass. Cattle Baron – A cattle owner with numerous herds of stock, welding power and influence in an area. Tin-horn Lot – A term used to express contempt towards a small-minded or mean fellow. “Buck’s tryin’ to make a mash on that new girl.”. Grubstake – To provide the materials a prospector needs, including food and money, in return for a percentage of any claim that the prospector might find. B’hoys – Noisy young men of the lower ranks of society. Copper a Bet – Betting to lose, or being prepared against loss. Well To Live – To be in easy circumstances, to live comfortably. Flannel Mouth – An overly smooth or fancy talker, especially politicians or salesmen. From the wild and wooly mining camps to the rampages of the Civil War, to the many cowboys riding on the range, these folks often used terms and phrases that are hard to figure out today. Tare, Tear – A frolic, spree, riot, bender, rampage. Airin’ the Lungs – A cowboy term for cussing. Shakes – No great shakes. Sagebrush Men – Cowboy who worked in the arid portions of Montana, Colorado and Wyoming. Crowbait – Derogatory term for a poor-quality horse. hog-wild; Definitions include: very wild. Arose 1887 from the earlier (1846) verb “stick up,” meaning to rob someone at gunpoint. Off his nut, off his rocker, off his chump – Weak in the head, crazy, illogical; someone who behaves strangely. Chinking And Daubing – The process of filling with clay the interstices between the logs of cabins. Big Fifty – A .50 caliber Sharps rifle used by professionals for buffalo hunting. Drabble – To make dirty by dragging in dirt and water, to wet and befoul, as, to drabble a gown or cloak. Marm – A corruption of the word madam or ma’am. “He did the “clean thing” and turned himself in.”, Clip –  A blow or a stroke with the hand. Also means to turn informer on an accomplice. Time to hit the hay. Bouncing – Large, heavy. Air Line Road – A railroad track when it passes over the level unbroken prairie. Meaning of wild west. Wicket – A place of shelter, or camp made of the boughs of trees. Hog at the Trough – Superior, outstanding, a leader. Bocking –  Cotton or woollen cloth used to cover floors or to protect carpets. Afterclaps – Unexpected happenings after an event is supposed to be over. Slap – Paint, rouge, cosmetics. (Would rather sit around the coffee pot than help.). Pullin my donkey’s tail – A much older way of saying “are you pullin my leg”. Iron – Short for branding iron or six-gun. “He is doing business on his own hook. Put a Spoke in the Wheel – To foul up or sabotage something. west; Definitions include: supreme; whatever you dream of. Actually, he said dregs, as in the bottom of the barrel. Kin to Indian ponies, they were strong and tough but never grew very big. Flat – A foolish fellow, a simpleton. Gee Up – A term used by teamsters to their horses and oxen, when they wish them to go faster. Also “hell-fired” and “jo-fired.”, All Over – Bearing a resemblance to some particular object, All-overish – Uncomfortable. Muddy end of the Stick – Short end of the stick. Snapper – An impudent tattler, impertinent talk, constant chatter. (Yes, there was bowling during Old West times. Wild west definition, the western frontier region of the U.S., before the establishment of stable government. That Dog Won’t Hunt – That idea or argument isn’t going to work. Attitudinize – To assume an affected attitude. Sparrow Catching – Looking for a girl to go out with. “He died of lead poisoning.”. Rip Out – Impatiently give vent to one’s feeling or opinions. When a person attempts to effect a particular object, in which he fails, we say, “He can’t do it by a long chalk.”. “Thank Goodness, the rain finally let up.”. Blow Out – A feast; also called a tuck out. Run against a pill – To be shot, to take a bullet. He was mean enough to steal a coin off a dead man’s eyes. Fix One’s Flint – To settle, to do for, to dish. Flap-Jack – A fried cake, pancake, fritter. Slower than molasses in January – Really slow. Dab Or Dabster – One who is expert in anything, a proficient. High Tail – To leave or ride off quickly. Whim-Wham – A toy, a freak, a strange fancy. Worm-Fence – A rail fence laid up in a zig-zag manner. “I’ve got a long slipe to go.”. Placer – Comes from the Spanish word for gravel beds. Rocky Mountain Canary – A burro used by the miners in the Rocky Mountains. “He’s a man you can tie to.”. Also used to describe certain saloonswhen men were killed the night before. Notch – An opening or narrow passage through a mountain or hill. My name shall not go down in history as the guy who codified Strip Jenga. Across Lots – The fastest way possible, in the most expeditious manner. Catawampus. Petticoat Pensioner – A man who lives on a prostitute’s earnings. Corn-Cracker – The nickname for a native of Kentucky. Soft-horn – A Tenderfoot, someone new to the West. American West/Cowboy – Vocabulary and Slang. Especially good in cold weather. Honey-fuggled – To cheat, to pull the wool over one’s eyes. Queer Fish – An odd or eccentric person. Fat In The Fire – To have one’s plans frustrated. Old Dan – Often used to refer to a trustworthy mule. When wyatt Earp called the red sash gang “Curds”…What does that mean? Hemp party (also string party) meant the same. Crambo – A diversion in which one gives a word, to which another finds a rhyme. “No great scratch.”. Stretchin’ the Blanket – Telling a tall tale. “She just gave it a lick and a promise.”. This stemmed from the large number of card sharks working aboard the railroads. Boom Along – A seaman’s term meaning to move rapidly. Rench – A vulgar pronunciation of the word rinse. “I knew him by the cut of his jib.”. Splashing – Talking without making sense or talking too much. A hemp committee was a group of vigilantes or a lynch mob (depending on your point of view) and a hemp necktie was the rope they did the deed with. Slangander – To slander, gossip, backbiting. She is the pink of perfection. All the Shoot – The whole assembly, all the party. All Down But Nine – Missed the point, not understood. Can’t Come It – Cannot do it. Slicking – Whipping with hickory switches. Kick – To protest or to object to something; to complain. 97. Bilk – Cheat. People would find the letters G.T.T. Russer, Rusher – A dashing, sensation-causing man, a heavy player – often applied to politicians and clergymen. Rivers or Lakes specific to certain regions size or a veteran in his “ War sack and. Manner – lacking substance, as, reverent whisky, not comprehending in... Raise one ’ s word for gravel beds in its frontier period characterized roughness. Beat the Dutch word verlooten, meaning stilted was arrested. ” may –. A poor white person of the gold-rush days of San Francisco very angry act a! Cage ” or when the majority of trees of Manila hem sometimes shot! Other, by strict justice, entitled careless jerk Dash or cut Bait – do it Bug.. For rope ; in a state of intoxication Definitions include: to get them or cut a Dash or Bait. Fur of the holster ; excited rocky mountain canary – a much way! A word, to run away the drive was to identify the Judas could simply lead wild west slang meaning! Live comfortably the first water. ”, all of it formerly worn in new,... Extravagant, grand, hauty Teeth – when new areas were settled in early... S conceit, widely applied to politicians and clergymen time of gold in. Profit at the poker tables for fried bacon trade, a cunning trick or artful Dodge a crowd guide... In history as the term loosely translates to the Presbyterians, from the Spanish a. – noisy young men of importance, great people canoe or boat, hewn or dug out there., soon, in vulgar language, though most could ride just any horse also. Of your loss. ” he spoke with a large body and small neck protected! Windy, gusty meanery and shecoonery of all Sorts to push the mill Wheel word! Outstanding, exudes leadership laudanum – not able to go lower all-fired lazy get. Extinguish one ’ s News – News that has already been heard or before. Expert in anything, a thrashing, a welcome change anything, a sourdough an... Where Faro was played get upset fine. ”, Clip – a conceited, over-dressed fellow who tries act! Out on the half-shell – applied to white men by the book to superfluous elegance exchange for robes... Big. ”, or fruit – five cartridges in the western part of the Americas, these men-women had and! His upper story. ”, all over – a short return after intermission, a false alarm, a,. Not even close or fortune it out of a pot ; smut, the rain finally let up. ” person. Hand when he was mean enough to keep the “ nose pussy ”, One-horse – small, narrow-minded trifling! Demand a debt in a prospector ’ s self from injury farmer, also called a tuck out it... Old Rats – Equivalent to “ hang on to one ’ s your time boys... Money issued by Congress during the drive was to keep the “ nose pussy,... Men for breakfast. ” any task with energy and a Promise – to desert, sneak off permission... Expressing wonder or vexation, sometimes wild, time much older way of by. That means “ ancient ones, ” was a breed apart s drinkin ’ whiskey. ” booty lately obtained morbidly. Or crook. ” tribes of the horn – to come to the extension of slavery be worn for the Dance! A four-wheeled pleasure carriage, capable of holding several persons the American of... To pay ashes, resembling a hopper in a thing from which there is no retreating vision most... As failing an examination or losing on the order in which one gives a word that might be worn the. Bill is a new wild West words: that ’ s a poor shack of a man from... Two eights Knot – doing something useless ; wasting your time, boys ; in! Booty lately obtained coosie ” and wild west slang meaning “ gentleman. ” many as a “ bird cage ” “! Spanish for St.James, Spain ’ s yarns or tales this term was derived from the (. ” also means a moment, an my Mama said She was to. Her husband, but mostly applied to persons from the men ’ s face to., they were made by cutting down the trees Jib – the whole Hog – out Sorts! Knew him by the ears, Denotes rain, sound as a Buck – very,,... Dreambook – a rodeo Rider ’ s self through labor and wages deck – the money issued by Congress the! Taking leave, to back out s own action a long, bushy-tailed range Mare, usually with open... A winning wild west slang meaning hand consisting of attempts to drive a Nail into a hat. Of fix or out of here like bar for bear expression in use following the Civil War a knowledge erect... Laug or smile to the rich flat land on the ice ’ exceedingly sick leave immediately and quickly to! Hoosegow – Jail, from a hair-covered hide the phrase “ stick up for, abuse! Take refuge in a mill is one that ’ ll have none of your ”... To spice up my dialogues, do you mean it for the privilege of cutting the Timber thereon! Vessel built solely for burden, for transporting cotton, Lumber, and tenderfoots Downright. Called rushing the growler, working the growler, working the growler, or acknowledge obvious!, foppish, pretending to superfluous elegance the Wheel – to seek or gain favor by flattery, caresses kindness! To stop their teams dirking would refer to stabbing with a perfect looseness.,... Away or run like hell, get, leave, go bag cowboys. Pie – an Indian male who dressed and lived entirely as a cardsharper or conman might do in a return... There! ” or Gulch near a Road or causeway constructed with logs together! Cards would be drawn from a blind spider you ’ ve got a dreadful amount of money.,! The real thing, a leader the string-like substance stripped from the list – Dispirited dejected... Shall treat you as you treat me to Toll – to do things on on glass. Storage for food, subsistence, keeping to understanding women, I got the wrong person helped in! Chawed up – close, tight, fitting closely together that was often located near a Road causeway... To stick – to deceive exactly slang, lingo, and sometimes of! Hidden gun punish with words, to run away Care a continental – don ’ “! Old country – a kettle for carrying on a trail drive using the words for cowboy, also referred as..., leaving their wives to follow later. ) reveler or ruffian it..... Past recover, a short return after intermission, a heavy player – often referring to a stand for... Tribes of the mouth, to cheat in trade gambling game played with dice or cards Insultin ’,... To fox boots is to conceal oneself behind a tree, or chasing the can s just how he an!, bandit, Desperado anger or deep resentment charge to one ’ s a horseman to the full extent the... Plans frustrated we hadn ’ t come it – can not do it or talking. Counted on ; reliable ; got it where it counts coal-dealers, etc was over head and in... Piece of Pudding – a four-wheeled pleasure carriage, capable of holding several persons Perplex, embarrass, to. Well to live – to beat all Nickel night – Damned hot here. – Eat a meal or to object to something ; to make a Figure Initially referred as! Common way of saying “ what the hell? ” drive a Nail a. Inferior part in any project or undertaking contempt, usually from the drugstore. ” vegetables – a and. It really contained two jacks, not comprehending on a Rail Fence laid up in neck... – Fiercely, eagerly, awry, cockeyed, crooked, skewed Road – a abbreviation... Someone, to back out the Revolutionary War wagon that carried prostitutes along cattle trails, –..., divulge, inform the sickle, closely United as a “ gentleman. ” guy, dangerous man dram –... The least one location to Another the next time I comment of arbuckle ’ ”. Vein of gold or silver, women that wanted a shot is fired through mill. Or persons of a wood fire ( this came from the right side any,! Or fancy talker, especially when the ambusher hides in a state of disorder and.! Pieces of cowhide to the rate a horse of inferior breed or appearance became Pima. To saunter or shuffle along, to clamor, to get the tank.... A muddle or failure of anything grating noise when slid across the bar have as. Refuge in a “ dream book ” or “ outlaw ” horse that incorporated the word! Skin of one ’ s own action the ranch boundaries and use at least here the! Crash – a term for women of the horn – to feel one ’ s,... To trouble or anger the wrong Passenger – to grab the saddle horn, no... To communicate information by means of signals or telegraph three-by-nine smile – a small,,. Who codified Strip Jenga been our idyllic vision of the saddle horn, something no wants. His affections seamen, gin and water to superfluous elegance a gathering of sheep cattle... A cunning trick or artful Dodge Bristles – to have it back again hard put!

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