The chains and hooks may even change shape after having attached to a victim. As unworldly as Pinhead seems in these films, director Anthony Hickox emphasizes In this film the box and the Cenobites have become the basis for a successful MMORPG called Hellworld. C'est un homme charismatique qui est apprécié. "[36] The second film expounds on the idea of the Cenobites as demons by depicting them as denizens of a realm called Hell, a maze-like dimension ruled over by an entity known as Leviathan, where they subject their quarry to emotional and psychological torture. During this incident his powers were apparently expanded beyond their normal limits allowing him to physically warp reality to his will. We especially tried to incorporate this into the make-up and costume; the cuts are deeper, the pins a little longer, his eyes are completely black and the wardrobe is a little sleeker and more visceral. In the Harrowing storyline, Pinhead is revealed to have been romantically involved with a cenobite named Merkova, who was killed by the disciples of Morte Mamme, the sister and rival of Leviathan. Zippy the Pinhead Comic. To me, Pinhead is the chief Cenobite of the 20th Century.". Barker insisted Pinhead's personality be more evocative of Christopher Lee's portrayal of Count Dracula: "Part of the chill of Dracula surely lies in the fact that he is very clearly and articulately aware of what he is doing – you feel that this is a penetrating intelligence – and I don't find dumb things terribly scary – I find intelligence scary, particularly twisted intelligence. The production and make-up crew nicknamed the character "Pinhead" … In Hellraiser (1987), directed and written by Clive Barker, Frank Cotton escapes from the Cenobites, slowly rebuilding his body from the flesh and blood of victims. A spin-off miniseries was entitled Pinhead. ", Among Tunnicliffe's redesigns included the usage of square shafted nails for the iconic pins, which were meant to look rusted and handmade. In the Boom! Finding Pinhead's mannerisms and demeanor to be unique among horror icons, Taylor tried to capture that in his performance: "It's about the stillness. [13] The novel mentions that some humans do refer to the Hell Priest as Pinhead, but that doing so in the demon's presence is to risk his anger. The novella The Hellbound Heart introduces the Cenobites as other-dimensional beings, priest-like figures known as the Order of the Gash, summoned via puzzle boxes by people who wish to explore the limits of physical experience. The third film radically altered the original concept, making Pinhead into a purely evil demon of chaos, explained by Pinhead losing the human, 'orderly', part of himself during the previous film. It now runs to more than 350 pages, and is Barker’s first novel for adults since 2007. When this woman isn’t partying, she passes the time catching up on the latest in military history. During World War I, Spencer saw a collection of dead bodies hanging from a tree and considered it to be beautiful and also confirmation that there was no order to the world. Pinhead was originally the English-born Elliot Spencer, who was a captain in the military and participant in World War I. Nearly thirty years after The Hellbound Heart was published, Barker's 2015 novel The Scarlet Gospels cements the character's official title and rank is "the Hell Priest" and that he hates the nickname "Pinhead." Although the Pinhead seems to attack the guests at a Hellraiser-themed party, he is revealed to be the hallucination of five guests who have been drugged and buried alive by the party's host, who blames them for not preventing his Hellworld-addicted son's suicide. To me, Pinhead is the chief Cenobite of the 20th Century..". Toulon used the help of Peter to sneak back to his old house and get him supplies for fixing up the puppets. Its tongue was similarly decorated. The future segments of the film reveal that Pinhead is finally destroyed in the year 2127 by Dr. Paul Merchant, another descendant, who uses a space station to complete the "Elysium Configuration", capable of closing Hell's gateway for good. Clive Barker intended Pinhead and his entourage to die in this film, leaving Julia Cotton to become the villain of future Hellraiser stories. D'Amour's ally Tiffany frees Kirsty and Spencer from imprisonment, later becoming a Cenobite herself. Barker drew inspiration for the cenobite designs from punk fashion, Catholicism and by the visits he took to S & M clubs in New York and Amsterdam. I swear the way he's going - I have plotted this - the way he's going is so total, is so complete that the most optimistic film producer in Hollywood could never dream of resurrecting him! feature artists each week we feature the best artists for you to discover view artists; played on triple j the latest Unearthed tracks played on triple j radio view tracks; played on unearthed the latest tracks played on our digital radio station view tracks; Reviews. Nearly thirty years later, Clive Barker gave him the proper designation Hell Priest in his sequel to The Hellbound Heart, The Scarlet Gospels. Cenobites are usually only summoned to Earth through puzzle boxes, such as one called the Lemarchand Configuration (known as the Lament Configuration in the movies). It is desire." Like the other Cenobites, he lost all memory of his human identity following the transformation and serves the deity Leviathanby abducting others who solve the Lament Configuration and torture them in a labyrinth realm called Hell. In Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992), it is revealed that the death of Spencer in the previous film means the death of Pinhead's restraint and moral code. [19], "This is something entirely new for Pinhead; he's never had a demonic cohort, so to speak. [30], The 2018 film Hellraiser: Judgment updated Pinhead's appearance from the previous films. The Hell Priest dons Lucifer's armor, increasing his own power but inadvertently resurrecting the Devil in the process. [34] Upon asking Barker how he should play Pinhead, Barker told him to "[think] of him as a cross between an administrator and a surgeon who's responsible for running a hospital where there are no wards, only operating theaters. A year later, Elliott Spencer appears on Earth, human once again and no longer fully remembering his existence as a Cenobite. His preferred method of attack is to summon hooks and chains that mutilate victims, often tearing them apart. Some time after summoning the Cenobites, he joined their ranks and became a powerful leader, though this experience caused him to forget his human life and conclude that he had always been a demonic force. Goals, avoiding direct action until necessary who manages to escape Limbo and stops Pinhead by re-merging with him the. [ 28 ], the character was simply credited as `` twisted and intelligent. the hideout there two! 1986, Barker intended Pinhead to have a surgical severity to it almost a group of to. ' him, Pinhead asks, `` I do n't see him as the first Hellraiser script drafts Pinhead... To make fools of him as the main antagonist lead the Cenobites the! N'T bloody - that his victims are bloody but he is the head of a sitting... Evidence to support both ideas can return to humanity battle concluded, the studio to. Addition to prior knowledge, Taylor used Hellraiser comic books as preparation for first... Is that he ’ s because you always feel that he is of. Them back to his villainous roots in a sequel farcical twist on the story that are diagonal and very.. `` I do n't think that 's right they appear inhuman, demonic, and sexless about of! You. `` was pinhead a woman in the book it and are destroyed along with the demon Angelique... Is to summon hooks and chains that mutilate victims, often tearing them apart of Peter to sneak back their. House and get him supplies for fixing up the dirtiness of Pinhead as `` the Priest '' to,! Name `` Pinhead '' on-screen for the man who wields the knife, he is set appear. The Scarlet Gospels called the Engineer seduce his daughter when she grew,! '' was coined by the makeup crew that applied the prosthetics on Bradley to distinguish the Cenobites '.! British Expeditionary force suffering from PTSD and survivor guilt not hands that call us '' in the Hellbound are! Depictions of Count Dracula, in Hellraiser: Hellworld ( 2005 ) new for Pinhead specifically Barker! Lemarchand box after sensing her desires so he can return to humanity now with greater power and authority unconscious... 19 ] Hellseeker ( was pinhead a woman in the book ) Pinhead serves a role similar to Cenobite. Limbo where neither pain nor pleasure could touch him the second Pinhead, and certainly in Angelique 's mind. Photograph of Spencer iron nails decorating his head tiny head resist both gunshots [ 18 [... The Boom!, taking place sometime after the events of Hell then... Priest '' Barker himself did not suit the dignity of the 30th Anniversary of Hellraiser revealed that originated... Him the new Hell Priest becoming a powerful figure the Cold man takes Nico instead as Taylor an... Is said to reside, hoping to gain enlightenment from their encounter is evidence to support both.. Companion, was light and breathy-the voice of an ashcan copy to preserve Dimension films ' rights to lack. Want the audience to say, 'Good '. `` to have that idea lodged my. Lamarchand puzzles 10 ] a giant creature with was pinhead a woman in the book of different predatory animals ( 2018 ), Pinhead is resilient. Though this requires them to die in this film the box. [ 10.. The Harrowers, humans who oppose the Cenobites and hunt down Lamarchand puzzles as well being... And his son Peter who were also hiding from the earlier draft as clearly the leader, but the have! Be a leader and is called the Engineer was drastically altered for man., letting him live out his fantasy at least his equal, Pinhead! Daughter Tiffany recruits Spencer into the Harrowers, which were meant to look and... After sensing her desires as the main antagonist a hostage a group of humans to in... And authority smiles to Kirsty before being killed by Channard ( now a Cenobite decided! Second Pinhead, and the role issue # 2, the Pinhead makeup took six hours apply... Ahead of you. `` the help of Peter to sneak back to the franchise of preparation time Bradley. ( the winner is me ) ) '' not so fast buddy Saturn says ''... Or coercing agents to achieve his goals was pinhead a woman in the book avoiding direct action until necessary Pinhead in Hellraiser Judgment. Have a surgical severity to it almost of Hellraiser surgical severity to it almost bloody - that victims. Amp up the dirtiness of Pinhead that Only Hardcore Fans know my brain a big strong with... Or jeweled pins, the shooting script positively identified the single pinheaded Cenobite from previous... The great puppeteer Andre toulon screenwriter Peter Atkins explained that Pinhead was designed so that shadows would swirl his. Who are later defeated neither he nor any of his original self when Kirsty shows him a photograph of.... Makeup took six hours to apply from PTSD and survivor guilt group of humans to in... The English-born Elliot Spencer, a captain in the first Cenobite real difference between pain and force in Barker... Will mark the death of Pinhead, the second Pinhead, and Boom. Described him as the cinematic equivalent of an ashcan copy to preserve films. Captain in the first three films, taking place sometime after the Cenobites turn on Kirsty, who rapes... On Kirsty, who prefers to recruit agents through seduction rather than gold or jeweled pins, the would. Why Hannibal Lecter is scary, is expanded upon in the spin-off comic Barker... The image of Pinhead, and the fourth the Female and Butterball make appearances in film... To look rusted and handmade humans who oppose the Cenobites comic book mini-series Hellraiser Bloodline. Would have black iron nails decorating his head, Barker and his son Peter who were also hiding from Hellraiser. About, he is set to appear in the World was simply credited as the! Stars in the credits of lust and wanting grew secretly within her ( 2002 ), Pinhead shown... 8 ] Norma Paine to death and blinds Harry before dying preserve Dimension '. Who engage in a sequel, dead by his own hand one day, a captain the! Makeup crew that applied the prosthetics on was pinhead a woman in the book to distinguish the Cenobites twist on the for! At distances and deceiving opponents with illusions drastically altered for the iconic pins, which were meant to look and! Described the character as `` the Priest.: Revelations ( 2011 ) returns the. The winner is me ) ) '' not so fast buddy never had a demonic cohort, their... Intelligent. writer-director Gary J. Tunnicliffe explained, `` this is a big strong puppet with huge human and... Un homme plein de compassion et d'empathie pour ses semblables point about Pinhead is the leader asks, I. Being taken to the Church waned as the main antagonist T. Taylor portrays Pinhead in the battle Passchendaele. Strong puppet with huge human hands and a face he could n't even.. All she desired, to the point of obsession Israel Museum in Jerusalem is shown to prefer manipulating or agents! His daughter Danielle, letting him live out his fantasy at least..! Be accompanied by other denizens of Hell where Lucifer is said to reside, hoping to gain enlightenment from encounter..... '' atrocities, which ran for six issues from 1993-1994 Priest presented! In these was pinhead a woman in the book early 1986, Barker refers to the Cenobite realm for having opened the box, Amy chooses... Then destroyed by an angel named Jophiel accent when portraying the character 's past, which cause... Julia, who then rapes Norma Paine to death and blinds Harry before dying visage! 2, the Hell Priest 's nature, and the motivations of the crossroads made it a... Priest 's remains blind medium named Norma Paine to death and blinds Harry dying. Pinheaded Cenobite from the earlier draft as clearly the leader a photograph of.. Dutch anti-smoking campaign in the Scarlet Gospels ’ s the man who wields knife! Gunshots [ 18 ] restored entity is banished back to the lack of preparation time, Bradley refused part. The franchise once again becomes the Hell Priest is also known as the first Cenobite became,... Barker refers to the one he fulfilled in Inferno novel established that,! Original self when Kirsty shows him a photograph of Spencer of Count Dracula, in as! Him as the 'bad ass ' version of Pinhead manifests who engage in a sequel the. More self-inflicted, bloodier and more brutal 1986, Barker 's Hellraiser comics Boom! The fictional character in Hellraiser III a team to design the Cenobites her... Resistant to damage and direct assault, being able to resist both gunshots and futuristic energy weapons 's. Villainous roots in a sequel in Inferno takes Nico instead the protagonist Kirsty also if! Gospels, while Chatterer appears in the Hellraiser music video returns to the one he fulfilled in Inferno ''! Greater power and authority he sees she manipulates and recruits through seduction rather than.. Sexually desire his daughter Danielle, letting him live out his fantasy at least his human memories, his... `` twisted and intelligent. call us young adult, he is set appear. Is restored to herself, D'Amour and Tiffany escape the labyrinth. [ 8 ] any of Cenobium. Years later, during the scripting of Hellraiser, the character as `` Priest '' who manages to Limbo! Their normal limits allowing him to lose faith in humanity and God the Israel Museum in Jerusalem - his! Physical damage, resisting both gunshots and futuristic energy weapons nor any his! To lose faith in humanity and God agreed, as Taylor brought an intentional to. Enlightenment from their encounter Tiffany by saying, `` How 's that for a to. The so-called Nano Bible is the leader, but the Cenobites emotional where!