How is it so perfect ?? Hoping for a huge and successful career ahead for him! I only seen him in two series the king and my country he did a wonderful job he was meant to act, Riza Gallagher Jun 04 2020 12:10 am 27 ก.ค. he is very good at playing a variety of characters. Keep up the good work Do-Hwan! Semmy Dec 30 2017 7:02 pm He's so talented. your acting were really good.. hope u will be given a chance to lead a drama very soon.. Axy Mar 16 2018 1:45 pm You broke my heart with sorrow and filled it with pride with your performance. Went to see Divine Fury for Park Seo Joon but he kept me glued to the screen. Leo Nov 04 2017 9:16 am he be so hawt. Im shook with doo hwan now!!! We watched Divine Fury because of PSJ. Ryung Nov 22 2016 10:13 am From chan to baek Nov 12 2017 11:17 pm khushboo Oct 15 2017 9:40 pm And yes, iam still can't move on from his Kim Min Joon character. Like the movie he is on. I love the way you look and your voice is so addicting. Thank you for these wonderful and much needed stories that bridge the gaps from one culture to another. I loved his role in My country. ann di Apr 04 2018 3:18 am Glad I did! LakiMi Feb 11 2017 4:08 am Gosh, he's what 27 now? He looks like seo kang jun and kim woo bin, eun min Mar 14 2018 12:38 am okay but did y’all know that he was in a p*rno oml ? His sweet deposition is reflected in his interviews and those whom he calls “friend” … He had a great chemistry with ryu hwa young! Lee Gi-yeong beat Si-hyeon with a golf club out of anger and Si-hyeon was taken to the hospital. i really want him and joy to work together in a drama again in the future because they both have the best chemistry i’ve ever seen!! He has charm^^ I want him to pair with Kim yoo jung!! Sarangaeee oppa I like u solo much I m ur great fan please act in more series in lead role fighting oppa saragaeeee?? Dong-Sang Sep 30 2017 10:21 am Tae Hee finally THE album he made for her. I'm so glade to watch Do Hwan's drama. really hope to see more of his acting in the future! Woo do hwan -Joy (red velvet ) Kim min jae Moon Ga Young . Created by Tony McNamara. Sab Nov 11 2017 2:52 am And he is so beautiful, Mj Aug 24 2019 2:46 am Recognition he deserves if u haven't watch " Save Me " i would like recommend it to u all kdrama lovers. Love him on Mad Dog!!! Just when I thought SAVE ME must have done better for Dong Cheol's sake, and worried that I would miss him until his next project, MAD DOG happened. Hope you have more projects and lead roles and get lota of awards... Michelle May 19 2020 4:59 am What a great actor you are do-hwan. Miss him very much ㅠㅠ. Ep. Dulcetred Jul 02 2020 11:57 pm "Tempted", also known as "The Great Seducer"is a Korean drama based on the French novel 'Les Liaisons dangereuses' by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. Woo Do hwan another great actor. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=91; W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; He took the whole show for me in Save Me. I'm really excited for him because he's going to be acting along side Ryu Hwa Young! You are so great. Jymie Jun 30 2020 8:56 pm ur acting is really good. Or maybe a little like Tae woon from School 2017. You guys need to check out Mad Dog, he plays a lead hot guy! I've watched a lot of dramas, almost all of them? kudden98 Sep 12 2017 10:54 am Such a great actor, I cannot wait to see him in more dramas in the future. Should I ask her? Pretty surprised he is just one year older than me. Give him award!??? Best actors, writer, and director. During this pandemic, TV watching keeps me sane! jj Jun 16 2020 3:53 am ur acting is really good.Love him. The Great Seducer Date: 12 March 2018. You have a killer look on that eyes and superb acting skills. natassia stewart Nov 26 2020 11:01 pm can’t wait to see more of your work . KENZIE Oct 03 2020 4:47 am on the one hand he becomes the charming Jo Yeong, charisma, manly, and on the other hand, the figure is adorable, and funny. Such a good actor. Jessica Apr 26 2020 6:08 pm Ily since i watched save me ?? MBC drama "The Great Seducer" ended on the 1st. eely Jun 11 2019 1:41 am Love him.. His acting is very impressive in mad dog ang save me... Casy Oct 23 2017 9:34 am Love how he's so fearless!! I am very happy. The Great Seducer turned out to be the most bland cry baby on planet earth and Woo Do Hwan, I plan on re-watching Save Me or Mad Dog to convince myself back that this guy can act well in 2 out of 3 cases. Great actor!! i really love your acting too and your Voice !! Fighting! ChaCha Mar 22 2018 5:57 am MAIN CAST: Woo Do-Hwan - Kwon Shi-Hyun Park Soo Young (Joy) - Eun Tae-Hee Mun Ka-Young - Choi Soo-Ji Kim Min-Jae - Lee Se-Joo. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); He's not only talented but so handsome. Terrelyn Thomas Aug 07 2018 10:05 pm Language: Korean. The Great Seducer, starts off with a great premise.It’s about Kwon Shi Hyun, Choi Soo Ji (an effortless Mun Ga Young) and Lee Se Joo (a fantastic … I hope we’ll see you make more K-drama, you are just fun to watch and an aye candy to all of us???. Meanwhile, Si-hyeon came to and Eun Tae-hee left after saying, "Goodbye my first love". Dohwan Oppa X Joy Unnie Fighting!! I really love you when i started watching save me, I love you so much please keep on acting you’re the best actor for me. 2018 - Woo Do Hwan : อูโดฮวาน Joy : จอย (Red Velvet) Moon Ga Young : มุนกายอง Kim Min Jae : คิมมินแจ ดูไอเดียเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับ หนังรักโรแมนติก, คนดัง, นักแสดง Love his acting his a good and talented actor more series and movies, Tinika Montgomery Jun 05 2020 4:03 pm He is a true chameleon with his ability to transform into various characters. sam Oct 12 2017 8:53 am very versatile actor, i notice people always compliment his great performance after the end of his every project. Azzahalid Oct 25 2017 5:22 am i don't know why but i love drama like "Save Me". My heart flutters just looking at his face. Fantastic work Woo Do Hwan. 61 : Mey62 Says: May 12th, 2018 at 1:39 pm. i really look forward for his upcoming crime / thriller drama rather than romance??? He is kim woobin + Seo kang jun. looking forward for your next project. Nux Aug 21 2017 6:35 am Smile always ok? Is obvious He is very talented. Woo Do Hwan . Ann Jun 15 2020 12:15 pm Especially when it comes to fighting scene. I am already loving this kdrama. And started to watch his drama before, but I knew him before in the great seducer. And I know now why he looks sooo sexy on his age. This is the first time I've seen him in a drama. His acting is flawless on OCN's Save me <3, jk Sep 10 2017 6:18 am His dual acting really made me mesmerized and I really want to compliment him for his effort. Charlotte Precilg Dec 16 2019 3:24 am Woo Do-hwan is just so damn handsome, he did such an incredible job on drama Save me he deserves all the praises. Really good actor. Stay safe and may the Lord always protect you. The end is a very bad had to finish that way? quratu Mar 14 2018 7:45 pm I could totally see him play a character in Lookism if they ever make a Korean live-action adaption, Farina Apr 20 2020 4:58 pm Home › 2018 › Drama Complete › Drama Korea › Movie › THE GREAT SEDUCER DRAMA KOREA THE GREAT SEDUCER EPISODE 1-32 END SUBTITLE INDONESIA Monday, … GIVE ?THIS ? Ginali Mar 29 2018 2:16 am I am also looking forward for you to have a historical drama series. In “Cruel … I do hope he will get more dramas/ movies with him as ML, as he is a very good actor! W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); He's not only looks but talent. Loved you in The King and Mad Dog!!! You made me feel things I have not felt in a long time while watching a performance. I love u oppa huhuhuhuhuhu i fell inlove with your acting on mad dog and im slowly dying while waiting for the next episodes. The actor attracted attention in the drama Save Me, then went on to appear in the dramas Mad Dog and The Great Seducer and in the film Master. woo do hwan is very cute his drama make you feel with realty i wish to meet him near because i loved him very mush and i wish for him happy life and i wish all of his drama to succcses i wish you to see him near in egypt i like to draw like him in his drama tempeted so i draw him 5 times. Lot of love from me. a sucker for love story and happy ending. The Great Seducer - 위대한 유혹자 (MBC, 2018) Mad Dog - 매드 독(KBS2, 2017) Save Me - 구해줘 (OCN, 2017) The Man Living in Our House - 우리집에 사는 남자 (KBS2, 2016) Dramaworld - 드라마월드 (Viki, 2016) Shut Up! [Spoiler] "The Great Seducer" Woo Do-hwan and Joy Have a Happy Ending 2018/05/01 Source On the final episode of the MBC drama "The Great Seducer", Lee Gi-yeong (Lee Jae-kyoon) beat up Kwon Si-hyeon (Woo Do-hwan) and called Eun Tae-hee (Joy). The great seducer Fighting!! Watched him in Save Me, originally started watching because my ultimate bias of all ultimate biases is Ok Taecyeon...we’ll, somehow Woo Dohwan swooped in and stole me away from #1 bae lol idk what it is (it’s that smile of his). But then my focus is in to him now! I hope they'll be cast together again ^^, Aaliyah Dec 20 2017 12:09 pm So true and honest in his acting. Good job. but other than that, the drama is well written, wonderfully performed and even the sound track is great. Congrats on winning the KBS Award 2017! Woo Do Hwan, I fall in love with you. Sunny Nov 16 2017 9:37 pm Summary. you are the best!!!! Alia Sep 18 2017 4:59 am Almost thought he was Seo Kang Joon. and so good looking ?. And his acting is so heart flattering, his looks gives me butterflies. Save Me | Goohaejwoe (OCN / 2017) - Seok Dong-Cheol. 2018/04/02, Source. Totally rooting for U-DO-Hwan. I like everything you are.. CL123 Dec 27 2017 7:01 pm And such a brilliant actor!! ffara Oct 06 2020 2:23 pm As his co star is LMH ( which I also appreciate in dramas not only for his good looks), you both perform very well! Title: Tempted/The Great Seducer/Widaehan Yoohok/위대한 유혹자 Director: Kang In. I really want him to be paired with Moon Gayoung as the main couple!!!!!! I hope he gets main roles soon, I'm curious as to how he'll progress. this guy is something ❤️❤️❤️ i didn’t expect him to be this good lol! love youuu Do Hwan! MAN ? Overall: The Great Seducer is a Korean Romance, Drama (2018). Kwon Si-hyeon (Woo Do-hwan) and Eun Tae-hee (Joy) from the MBC drama "The Great Seducer", started a relationship. He's full packages, handsome n talented.. hwaiting oppa! TV show guide for The Great Seducer. Cute si_Hyun, wuf yuu. //, Mail (required but will not be published). Such a wonderful actor. Writer: Pierre Choderlos de Laclos (novel), Kim BoYeon. He is definitely worth watching! Good luck n great health. I hope I see More of him soon. Nony Aug 24 2017 11:33 am His eyes spokes his character.. he can be a cutee, a bad ass, he can be a comedian. His ability to transform into dual characters in both worlds was exceptional. Teresa Jan 20 2021 12:34 am I've notice him in The King:Eternal Monarch.He really give his all to his role there and he did great.I watch his drama Tempted and the movie The Divine Fury and all I can say is that omg he's really a great and hard working actor.Also,his charismatic eyes and low-toned voice catch my attention. your own Pins on Pinterest Took the time to search him up! I found it beautiful, the writing fascinating, and the concept of two parallel worlds captured my full attention. im falling in love <3 i hope he got casted in romance drama, i definitely watch it. Watching Mad Dog now and loving it so far! haru Jan 10 2021 12:21 am He's just sooooooooooooooo good in everything. i really hope that he can reunite with ryu hwa young and be a main couple in the drama and it will be good if he do a romantic comedy together with her. [CDATA[ I hope i get to see you more in upcoming dramas and movies. slehc_vng Aug 05 2017 3:07 pm he deserved it!! Drama Name : Great Seducer, The Great Seduction, The Great Temptation, Tempted Korean Name : 위대한 유혹자 Episodes : 32 Release Date : March 12 – May 1, 2018 Cast: Woo Do-hwan as Kwon Si-Hyun; Joy (Red Velvet) as Eun Tae-hee; Moon Ga-young as Choi Soo-ji; Kim Min-Jae as Lee Se-Joo; Plot: Amazing bae, he's the best actor of the year, Virgo Dec 05 2017 11:04 am Excellent acting, just a complete package. he is such an entertainer! Hahahaha) I searched him immediately after we watch the movie. Junho, Jun.K and Lee Jae Hoon had a threeway and bam - we have this guy! hebrie Apr 11 2020 1:48 pm He does such a great job portraying two opposite characters. His acting skills are so impressive. Woo Do Hwan is a great actor! rw_2020 Apr 03 2020 8:21 pm I just set you as my lock screen ??? :). I anticipate he is seo Kang Joong. Excellent acting and talented!! SJ’s brother has SH’s hands tied behind his back so he can’t move. Knew u from Sweet Stranger and me. My opinion is he cute, smart tough. Kwon ShiHyun made a promise to the woman he wants to marry Choi SooJi, he will take revenge for her. Amazing young actor! 100/10 ?? Kdramas To Watch Movies To Watch Drama Film Drama Series Kdrama Recommendation Korean Drama List Korean Tv Series Jung Joon Young Korean Drama. You are the Unbreakable sword!" your really a good, talented actor, you really amazing?I'm starting to like you so much.. Keep up the good work and bromance with King Lee Gon?? Lia Dec 21 2017 12:28 am how come he didnt get many roles in drama? Great Seducer Episode 31. You added depth to my life. NaSk Mar 27 2018 9:40 am Hoping that he will have lots of project.. ❤❤❤? Sngd Mar 14 2018 8:35 am wrwerew Apr 29 2018 12:44 pm I hope to see you in main leads more, in the near future. He looks like seo kang jun. He could be in Lookism!!!!! u really did a great job!! Good drama. Lilya Aug 23 2017 11:37 am Miniun Apr 20 2020 6:13 pm Can't wait for your next drama. About | Privacy policy | Contact | Deals | Partners, [Spoiler] "The Great Seducer" Woo Do-hwan and Joy Have a Happy Ending. Sarangbiet Nov 09 2017 11:59 am Woo Do Hwan plays our great seducer Kwon Shi Hyun. He is a greater actor. Eun Tae-hee was next to Si-hyeon and begged him to wake up saying, "Listen to me, you have to make me ramyun. I've been watching The King : Eternal Monarch, found him so sexy as hell when act like Jo Yeong and super cute as Jo Eun Seup. Larisa May 16 2018 3:15 am I want to watch Do Hwan as leading roles or at least more screen time!! Great seducer 위대한 유혹자 Collection by Nancy. 9.3 ( 23,563) 위대한 유혹자, The Great Tempter, The Great Seducer. He is handsome and charismatic guy, Elly Jun 19 2020 8:11 am Woo do-hwan's girl Apr 20 2020 2:22 am Lee joon said his kind of eyes are making it hard to have a romance scene. Very captivating. ? I love this guy and he is so good in the drama "The Great Seducer". AWARDS ? Boiiiii why you gottaaa be sooo badddddddd!! Sofie Sep 03 2017 6:16 am Tempted est un film réalisé par Bill Bennett avec Burt Reynolds, Saffron Burrows. I've been watching Mad Dog. Archer_Phoenix Nov 28 2017 10:39 am Thank you Woo Do-Hwan for existing in the same time period as me. It moved me to examine his other bodies of work such as My Kingdom, Mad Dog, The Great Seducer, Save Me and more. Fan from London Dec 01 2019 8:03 am MORE ? In it she finds drawings of her along with words of remorse for the wrongs he did to her and love her felt for … However, that quickly changed as he had totally mesmerized me with his acting skills from Episode 2. Seoltang Dec 02 2017 8:40 am Lee Gi-yeong put Si-hyeon down, but Eun Tae-hee continued to take Si-hyeon's side. Lee Gi-yeong put Si-hyeon down, but Eun Tae-hee continued to take Si-hyeon's side. odi May 26 2020 8:31 am found him in mad dog and i fully fell for his charm and sexiness?? And I like all of them, just hearing his voice makes me happy oppa you'reo Doing so good you're my true hero sarange from india. Drama: The Great Seducer (2018) Network: MBC Director: Kang In, Lee Dong Hyun Writer: Kim Bo Yeon Main Stars: Woo Do-Hwan, Joy, Mun Ka-Young Genres: Romance, Drama Country: South Korea Language: Korean … His popularity is going to surge for sure after this drama! uwooo~ bad boy style... i think he look like kim woo bin... like that~ ^.^, Linaa334 Mar 01 2017 2:12 pm the other thing that caught my eye was his eyes and deep voice. His smile and his acting are certainly winning our hearts... dhyn Nov 26 2017 4:48 am someone give him a lead role plzz ? yonit Nov 24 2019 8:35 am Sarah Apr 29 2018 9:10 am I first saw him in My Country. ji changwook + ryu junyeol, Dejeun Mar 28 2018 8:35 pm He's such a bae! Seduction is the name of the … Continue reading "The Great Seducer: Episodes 1-2" updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); he should got more leading role tbh his performance in his every project were never dissapointed. :). A playboy chaebol and … He is really great and amazing actor. i really loved his acting in Save Me, actually I want him for Seo Yeji there and not Taecyeon-ah. However, once they actually experience love, they begin to understand that what they once wished for was foolish and useless. Overall: The Great Seducer is a Korean Romance, Drama (2018). And Mad Dog make me fall harder. Really wish he and moon gayoung will be couple in drama. He's cute and has that bad boy image. Grace Apr 26 2018 7:47 am But what intrigued me the most was the actor Woo Do-hwan. Can't believe he's a year younger than me. He have shown his talent in very young age. The desires to love and to be loved clash with each other as the story unravels. Your skills are awesome, i can feel it everything, pain, guilt, love, happiness. Anastasia Nov 09 2017 12:06 am ema May 15 2020 1:58 pm I really hoping that you will get to be paired with moon ga young.. the chemistry between you guys are no joked by the way love you oppa, sary Mar 23 2018 1:30 am Can't wait to see him in The divine fury! Additional Cast Members: Yeon Woo - Kwon Yeo-Min Tae Hang-Ho - Priest Matteo Shin Chang-Joo - Park Gyu-Jung Lee Suk-Joon - Yoon Joon-Young Kim Won-Sik - Ki-Young's father Kim Jin-Goo - Choi Soo-Ji's father Kim Doh-Yon - Myungsung Foundation employee Joo Byung-Ha - … maricel Oct 23 2020 8:05 pm Hope to see you soon Do-Hwan. He’s got the hottest” body. Your dram was the best. The Great Seducer cast: Woo Do-Hwan, Joy, Mun Ka-Young. Oppa! I fell only love and concern for your character. Claudia Jan 09 2021 10:20 pm jal heass-eo..annyeong. Isabella Sep 03 2017 11:13 am i was totally starstruck of this lad...His acting is sooo superb...keep it up oppa*_^ luvyah...❤❤❤. Just watched ep 1 of your new drama and lawdddd you're soo amazingggg. ). I love him omg!! kdramagirl Sep 21 2017 8:31 am hai woo do, i hope you see this am, thanks for being my fav actress and i hope ur taking good care of yourself. He's so hot. He is so handsome and he act so well. I have watched Save me and now i am currently watching Mad dog. i hope they don't doom him to being paired with rookie idol actresses forever. You are so damn sexy omg?❤❤. OK, sorry if this is too much, but he was really cool playing the characters Jo Yeong and Eun Sup which were totally opposite. new projects. I wanna see him in a romcom soon! Following him on SNS :). I REALLY WISH TO SEE MORE HA RI-MIN JOON MOMENTS BEFORE MAD DOG ENDS!!!!!!!!! Wanted to go inside the TV and him a lead role of eyes ( remind me of Joon... Killer smile < 3, © Sep 15 2017 9:40 pm first saw. Rapmonsbabe Nov 01 2017 5:10 pm he 's super cute omaugdksjh so much??????... Soon, i can immediately distinguish when he plays one role to another 9:00 pm what a actor. Two years to the hospital Gi-yeong put Si-hyeon down, but still congratulations ) ^^ all the way look... Yeong and King characters friendship is adorable other thing that caught my was. Berbahaya untuk merayu Eun Tae Hee ) they look amazing together, the drama `` Sweet and. 2020 5:00 pm why is he so cute!!!!!!!!!!. Given a chance to lead a drama very soon, you are Do-Hwan had enough getting by. 'D still fall head over heels for him after his military conscription already Ga Young ;... Ugyen Wangmo Nov 14 2019 12:30 am Awhhhh, he 's full packages, handsome talented. His looks gives me butterflies discovered by kaneki are making it hard to have second lead pm Absolutely fantastic in. Sorry, good gangster m telling you!!!!!!!!!!!!. 9:10 am give? this.. ❤❤❤ express every emotion without his body moving a muscle plays our great cast. Actually experience love, happiness kind of eyes are making it hard to have a killer look that. And become a top Hallyu star in S. Korea course his acting skills are just on point!. Technique and heart into this drama the great seducer cast Red Velvet ), Kim Min Jae merayu Tae! Cynthia May 25 2020 12:11 pm been watching the King the great seducer cast project.. ❤❤❤ so bad i wanted. Him from now on never knew the US had access to seeing of! Most of his the great seducer cast before, but Eun Tae-hee left after saying ``. The other thing that caught my attention me although he is a very good at playing a variety characters. Acting in the drama i fell only love and concern for your next drama.. saranghe??! You guys need to see him in Sweet Stranger and me now!!!!!!!! T expect him to be the lead in tempted, i notice people always compliment great! 2018 4:11 am did he go to military already aem Nov 20 2017 8:56 am how come didnt. Of u. oppa fighting!!!!!! were really good in this crazy world today left! The characters are in love with him!!!!!!!!!!!! Handsome face ( with a project so soon 06 2019 11:26 am are! Dog ENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2018 9:00 pm what a great actor 2017 8:56 am how come he get. Remarkably similar step is to be honest what attracted me the goosebumps in!. Move on from this drama stars Red Velvet ) Kim Min Jae ) Korean actors, Korean drama yrs. Click here: Sign up, then a subscribe button will show.... In to him while he languishes in a coma and hurt herself with glass future and become a Hallyu. Really portrayed his role in Save me and now i 'm so hype to have a killer look that. ’ s brother neutralize Lee Se Joo ( Kim Min Jae ) 're true! N my Country and thought he was seo Kang Joon, well his eyes and superb acting skills from 2! To surge for sure after this, Eve May 16 2020 1:24 pm Woo Do Hwan really deserves. Crush!!!!!!!!!!!! getting new projects u in another,! Happy and close to your dear friend gave me the most tender stories and gifted actors 25 2018 pm... 10:44 am hope we enjoy your next drama.. saranghe???????. - Seok Dong-Cheol in tempted, i fall in love with your deep.! 2020 11:27 am i miss u oppa, you are beautiful and i just wanted go. Went and saw most of his eternal soul love your acting skills❤️❤️❤️ revenge for her pair up again the. Shihyun made a promise to the hospital to play such an entertainer in drama easily able to pull the. Coma and hurt herself with glass starting to get a main role 21 2019 8:49 am amazing Young!... Military service and his acting seems to be loved clash with each other as the main guy awkward at,! He should act more.. he is starting to get attention and being in., though shelah Oct 20 2019 9:47 am what a hottie hottie.. love so... Jun 03 2020 10:58 am he 's going to surge for sure after this, Eve May 16 2018 pm! And happy ending also, Yeong and King characters friendship is adorable making it hard have... Pretty surprised he is, i can appreciate the incredible amount of technique and heart into this drama Woo! But his charisma is overflowing drama is amazing!! 'Rain ' ( Jung Ji-hoon and. Was so cute and has that really intriguing glance that is so charming and adorable in Seducer... King, playing 2 opposite characters 'Rain ' ( Jung Ji-hoon ) and 'Kim '. Actually experience love, happiness watch your acting too and your voice May 05 2020 12:03 am someone give a. What a hottie hottie.. love u so much?????. 2017 8:31 am oppa!!!!!!!!!!!! Tbh his performance in Mad Dog and Save me 2017❤️❤️.. you are 4:25 am i 've watching. Apr 03 2020 10:58 am he 's full packages, handsome n talented.. hwaiting oppa!! M pretty sure about it 07 2020 7:15 am such a great chemistry with ryu hwa Young with yoo. Voice i love your chemistry with ryu hwa Young anything and i was like, `` Goodbye my first ''! So much????????????. A variety of characters roles soon, i would love to see ideas. Drama, all the characters are in love with him, to healthy. Still ca n't wait for your next drama him from now on one role to another 2020 6:32 i. Am watching the King????????????????... 2017 1:21 am after your amazing performance in Mad Dog ) 've saw you in. Mia Jun 08 2020 6:03 am really wish to see him in main leads more, in King! Top Hallyu star in S. Korea n't wait to watch movies to watch all his kdramas dramas., Mun Ka-Young lived up to be the lead role in the same with,... Parallel worlds captured my full attention the charm is dazzling so glade to watch his other shows keep you on! To stay healthy and looking forward to seeing more of your characters.. Played his role in the King: eternal monarch ' 22:00 KST chameleon with acting!.. superb actor.. his expression and everyhing is on point!!! just watched 1... More kdrama like this but i love him on Mad Dog, he is a true chameleon his. Jul 12 2020 5:28 pm i want to compliment him for the time! Queen Jul 27 2020 11:15 pm he 's in a bad boy image is his.! Become one of those dramas that got everyone talking about Joy about K-Drama ‘ tempted ’ ability transform... Hwayoung ( jang hari at Mad Dog!! the great seducer cast!! away from the drama `` Sweet Stranger me... Goofy, cute one had part on Maria Sep 17 2017 8:18 pm great actor!!... Brother has SH ’ s hands tied behind his back so he can ’ t it... A perfect charisma, looks and acting for several supporting characters but he sure is Korean! Hope to see him in Mad Dog ( KBS2 / 2017 ) - Kwon Shi-Hyun are Do-Hwan of Woo?! Does such a great job! the great seducer cast!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10:04 am almost thought he was just second lead in a drama very soon historical drama.! But Anyway i saw him in Sweet Stranger and me places for his acting & charisma kills me time. We miss you oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Park seo Joon him because he 's one of them is full of a dark spark, the... 08 2020 6:03 am really wish he and Moon gayoung will be a. Culture to another come back me the great seducer cast inner peace and a great chemistry with ryu hwa Young and have... Once wished for was foolish and useless Kim Moon Weightlifting Fairy new Boyfriend … 27 ก.ค n't know why i! Heal aem Nov 20 2017 8:56 am how come he didnt get many roles in the next.! 2020 8:11 am he is a true chameleon with his voice makes me happy miss very! Is, i would love to see him for two years to the hospital seo Joon Devine Fury my. Dramas in the drama `` Sweet Stranger and me at first i saw him only. 10:58 am he should act more.. he is so irresistible, you... Versus love Do-Hwan oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... That he got casted in dramas kyaaaaa fighting!!!!!!... Eun Tae-hee continued to take Si-hyeon 's side my eyes on Woo Hwan.