The name given roughly describes the area covered by the map. Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorlich are neighbours with almost parallel SE ridges and they are connected by the Bealach an Dubh Choirein. Post a few words about Stuc a' Chroin or read what others have had to say. Leaving my desk and work for a cheeky day in the mountains always pleases me; ridiculously so. I don’t mind when I walk and I am always keen to head to the mountains. I mark these as such. An expensive Munro for me. 2020/10/22 Life’s twists and turns can take you to some unusual places and a recent walk of the two Munros, Ben Vorlich and Stuc a’Chroin, from the shore of Loch Earn, near Lochearnhead, gave me plenty to think about and ponder. Summit of Stuc a` Chroin. We soon found ourselves rejoining the path which we had taken from Glenample. A selection of weather forecasts local to #GetMountain.Top_Name#. I have listened, learned and practised how to plan, forecast and navigate. A Stùc a' Chroin északi oldala sokkal sziklásabb, és meredekebb, mint az északkeleti szomszédjáé, hagyományos módon mégis innen, a Ben Vorlich csúcsán keresztül közelítik meg. Great Sheppard told us the NT have threatened to put a bridge in soon, but he's not holding his breath. 1/04/2012. Stuc a Chroin from Ben Vorlich - - 270365.jpg 640 × 422; 76 KB Stuc a Chroin summit cairn - - 890824.jpg 640 × 480; 94 KB Stuc a Chroin trails.jpg 673 × 586; 90 KB These days, I love that I can walk on my own or with friends and feel confident in my knowledge of the Scottish mountains. Stùc a' Chroin, cima, está en Escocia y tiene una altitud de 3199 pies. This is the standard notation used on Ordnance Survey Landranger maps. It was good to know that a friendship made, even if it was when she was younger and I was her step-mother, is one that has the potential to last a lifetime. The buttress of Stuc a'Chroin. However, I suspect that there will be some work required in the future to maintain some semblance of a path here, especially given the apparent increase in the numbers of walkers since the Covid-19 pandemic. Freelance life can be uncertain, unpredictable and bloody hard work, but it also allows for the flexibility of mid-week adventures. Climbed with Beinn Each from Glen Ample. I hope you enjoy my collection of news, ideas and inspiring stories on this website. 5 of the best long-distance trails in Scotland, More people want to forage for wild food, reveals survey, Inspiration / Outdoors & adventure / Running / Ultra running, 11 great reasons to sign up to Blair Castle Trail Weekender, Activity / Cycle Routes / Cycling / Mountain biking / Road cycling, I recommend: Ben’s bike repair service in Glasgow, Helmet law leads to drop in bike-related injuries. If you miraculously find it a small reward is available!! Good paths exist from glen to summit, and between the two, but take care to stay on the crest of the knobbly ridge: you can easily be tempted downhill, but it's boggy and difficult. I had not properly talked to or seen my friend Sarah for at least a decade. They have contributed 176 public walk reports including this summit. Feeling the sun or breeze on bare skin, standing at the top of a hill or mountain, wandering a glen and looking up at high places, tramping through a forest with a carpet of crunchy autumn leaves, strolling a woodland surrounded by bluebells, walking to a a white sandy beach and over machair filled with thousands of wildflowers, paddling a calm loch… All this and so much more are remedy for the stresses and strains of a busy work and home life. Ordnance Survey digital maps are also available to members. On any clear day, the view out of the kitchen window is of Stuc a' Chroin, its rugged profile beckoning. Although we have stayed in contact since I split with her dad – my ex-husband – more than 11 years ago, we have not found the right opportunity to meet up. To the West sits Loch Lubnaig and Loch Voil with Loch Earn to the North and Forest of Glenartney to the east. For me it took a couple of times to finally get it as we tried on one hot day in 2014 but about half way up I tore a ligament in my left ankle which put an end to that one. I am a widely published journalist and also a multi award-winning blogger. There was no difficulty for either of us in picking up on a friendship formed many years ago – and, if anything, we did not have enough time to fully finish all our conversations during our walk of the two Munros. If you have sticks, go upstream (E) about 0.25 of a mile, and on the opposite side of the river you will see a boulder about the size of a mini. Since I can’t remember the first time I walked Ben Vorlich and Stuc a’Chroin – did I walk the route in the opposite direction; in thick mist or low cloud; or while talking so hard I didn’t notice the views? Gleann a' Chroin, The Trossachs, Scotland. Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorlich are neighbours with almost parallel SE ridges and they are connected by the Bealach an Dubh Choirein. Sadly, Paul went in (titter). Callander side. We opted not to due to fatigue but the option is there. Over the past decade, I have gained many mountain and hill skills. Be the first to submit your climbing note! Life’s twists and turns can take you to some unusual places and a recent walk of the two Munros, Ben Vorlich and Stuc a’Chroin, from the shore of Loch Earn, near Lochearnhead, gave me plenty to think about and ponder. Where is the best place to buy property in Turkey? Stùc a' Chroin Stùc a' Chroin is a mountain located in the southern part of the Highlands of Scotland.It lies to the south of Ben Vorlich, which is itself bounded to the … getting steeper at the end. Approaching the scramble up Stuc a' Chrion. I work, write and play about Scotland's great outdoors. It is, but if you are wearing waterproof walking boots and you can retain a good sense of humour, the path is manageable. A full written account of a climb submitted by our members. Users' walk reports for Stuc a' Chroin. I prefer good weather and if that happens at a weekend, then all the better. For breath-taking scenery, I think that autumn in Scotland really is hard to beat. started walking bright & early (6am) weather was fantastic got to the summit of ben vorlich at 7.30am then headed over onto stuc a croin views were fantastic looking across to the lawyers group & down into lochearn not a ripple on the loch. I could not find it as we went to the cairn, came back and snow had filled our footsteps. Stuc a’ Chroin is pet free, but well behaved pets are allowed in Ben Lomond yurt; There is no electricity in the yurt, but there are solar lights and lanterns. Never met another soul all day. Stùc a' Chroin desde Mapcarta, el mapa libre. Mobile phone reception is possible with most providers; Wifi is available in the Centre for free, by arrangement; Stuc a’Chroin is a wheelchair friendly yurt . The logging section stores any entries for Stuc a' Chroin in your own log. The summit of Stuc a' Chroin sits at the NW end of a 4km ridge which terminates at Meall Odhar (646m) from where a path leads down to Arivurichardich steading. My grandfather has said a number of times that Stuc a’Chroin is probably his favourite hill. Finally a steep and rocky spur of the NW ridge links to Bealach an Dubh Choirein and Ben Vorlich, but this requires some easy scrambling. Many paths in the hills of Scotland are boggy and muddy at this time of year and this one is not the worst I’ve encountered. Consider things such as access and accommodation at the base of Stùc a' Chroin, as well as the logistics of … The others being Ben Chonzie and Ben Vorlich. I really hope we manage to get together much more frequently than we have over the last decade. It is in the mountains that I discover my greatest peace of mind and stress relief. Thoroughly enjoyed the Came up from Callander side. The route down the SW slope of Ben Vorlich and up the north side of Stuc a’Chroin is exposed and covers rough ground in places. Hubby G reckons it was with my friend Ellen, but she can’t remember either. The craggy SW and NW ridges lead to accessible but steep grass slopes into Glen Ample. Well cheesed off for managing to lose something so important at the beginning of the trip I was well chuffed when we met another walker on his way to Stuc a’ Chroin who had seen a black pair of glasses on … Event Difficulty. This is where, with some delicate balancing, I crossed the river. – my more recent outing is easily going to surpass the first. This pair of fine Munros on the southern fringe of the Highlands form distinctive shapes that are visible from many miles around. Stùc a' Chroin is a mountain located in the southern part of the Highlands in Scotland.It lies to the south of Ben Vorlich, which is itself bounded to the north by Loch Earn, and to the west by Loch Lubnaig.The boundary between the council areas of Perth and Kinross and Stirling passes through the summit of the peak, and the town of Callander lies to the south. ——————————————————— This image was taken whilst walking along the Bracklinn Falls loop not far from the Scouts Pool. on the other hand is entirely different. A decade ago, I believed I was a hopeless navigator and a previous partner unfortunately underlined this some dismissive comments. An indication of this mountains height rank within its class. This probably comes from its steep north-east face with its rocky butress giving the peak its great character. Pictures submitted by members on the summit of Stuc a' Chroin, Me and Val at the summit with Ben Vorlich behind us 14.06.14. 14 km 7 Hours 1145m. This is the height of the mountain above sea level. Easy Moderate Very Hard. They are advertorial, although I still monitor the content to ensure it is of a good standard. These are ordered below with the most popular ones first. Stuc a’Chroin sits approximately 10km North of Callander closely accompanied by its slightly higher neighbour Ben Vorlich. Stuc a’Chroin (peak of danger) is one of three Munros in the Crieff & Loch Earn range. SWIPE TO THE RIGHT TO SEE THE FULL IMAGE. But I do really relish a mid-week get-away. There was no clear path down the slope to the west, but it wasn’t too steep to present any real difficulty. No problem; how about Ben Vorlich and Stuc a’Chroin? Climbed Ben Vorlich & Stuc a' Chrion on 6th of June '09 with Please submit any useful information about climbing Stùc a' Chroin that may be useful to other climbers. I walked with an old friend and the chat was wonderful and memorable. I specialise in writing about the great outdoors and adventure. As there are a number of larger mountains surrounding Beinn Each, the views aren’t spectacular. Great views at the top. The mountains are good for my mind. You might also like to find out how I can work with you. Depending on the weather and group’s interest and abilities, we may take in some light scrambling to (re-)build confidence in our footwork and movement. Mostly, I am good at route-finding and as well as being a proficient map reader, I have the experience to be able to read the landscape. A hegy csúcsán át húzódik Perth és Kinross és Stirling megye határa, ugyanakkor a Loch Lomond és Trossachs Nemzeti Park területén található. Snap happy: A shiny new camera for my birthday! Easy Moderate Very Hard. The translation of Stuc a'Chroin (pronounced: stook a kroin) from Gaelic is Peak of Danger. The summit of Stuc a' Chroin sits at the NW end of a 4km ridge which terminates at Meall Odhar (646m) from where a path leads down to Arivurichardich steading. The Contour Collection - Stuc a'Chroin & Ben Vorlich Print Like so many people during the lockdown, I turned to the great outdoors to escape from all the madness! Would you like to, Add a route log entry that includes this mountain, Write a full account of your route including photos, Edit an existing log entry including uploading a GPX file or add a photo. I am surprised I was taken in by this sort of talk and I firmly believe that everyone can confidently navigate the hills using a map if they are shown how to do so with patience. I require to monetise my website on occasions and so I choose, with care, some paid-for posts. You can view a members route overlayed on an online map or download the KMZ file for use in Google Earth. A description of the characteristics of the mountain including any hazards of which you should be aware. Fiona Outdoors receives free products for reviews from brands and companies, but I only accept products on condition of independence. Other blogs many also include a link to this disclosure page because they are commissioned posts. Stùc a' Chroin Mountain Photos. Came up from 2020/10/22. The first Munro: Beinn Vorlich, is an easy plod, with difficulties and interest increasing on continuation to Stuc a’Chroin. Beinn Each is a fine hill in its own right. Of course, I can’t recall if I was led or did the leading the last time I was on these Munros, but this time I was confident of my ability to navigate and be safe. Where two mountains share the same height they are ordered alphabetically. I always got on well with Sarah and although she was a teenager for most of the time that I knew her when I was with her dad, I think we had a good friendship. Closer up, they are more different. Why not call or email to find out what I could do to improve your business? Sarah is fit and loves spending time outdoors, so I expect we will walk more mountains. I have been feeling the pressure of life and work recently and usually the best solution is to go for a run or walk. I know that I have walked Ben Vorlich and Stuc a’Chroin before but I can’t remember when and with whom. I have climbed it 8 times over the years, always with its partner Ben Vorlich until last year when icy conditions deterred us from continuing over to Stuc a' Chroin as we guided a novice walker down from Ben Vorlich. Returning to Glen Ample it's tiring to climb all those bumps again: a good path down to the Glen is needed, but I guess no-one has navigated one yet. 07712659068, There are no Route Write-Ups submitted for Stuc a' Chroin, Ben Vorlich [Loch Earn] and Stuc a' Chroin, View All 43 Baggers Images for Stuc a' Chroin. We were lucky with the weather (later we saw hail and snow!) ... whilst the continuation to Stùc a' Chroin is a more serious walk with rocky ground and some scrambling. So, this time, I think I will treasure the memory of these to Munros. I’m a widely published journalist, a knowledgeable and engaging web copywriter and a professional blogger. Any views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views on this website. Stuc a'Chroin stands at 3199 feet high and is listed as number 182 in the Munros table. I might sometimes go off course a bit but I am quick to realise this and I know how to remedy small errors. This is a much rockier and trickier peak, and is well seen from Ben Vorlich. (Instructions on how to read the references are given on the OS maps). From here you can. If a member has uploaded a tracklog as part of their personal route log and opted to share it then it will be presented here. (642130)And it had hammered it down. scramble up the cliff face. This time, I was the leader, planner and navigator and, also, the weather was perfect. Where you are given the map number ( For Ben Nevis = 41) it is acceptable to omit the two initial letters e.g. The ascent up Ben vorlich is fairly quick, If tackled head-on the northeast buttress of Stuc a' Chroin gives some good scrambling on which it's possible to vary your line and the difficulty (from grade 1 to rather harder than that). To include it, follow the ridge path west at first and then curve round on it to the left to descend to the intervening bealach. The buttress of Stuc a' Chroin seen from the Bealach an Dubh Choirein. The companies and brands receive no guarantee of endorsement. From here the usual route follows the path to the bottom of the steep prow of Stuc a'Chroin, then ascending a … James on summit ,with Ben Vorlich to the rear .1/04/2012. Showing the most recent 5 of 14 comments. Here tracks lead to Callander and to Glen Artney making good walking access routes. After a good scramble through the snow I lost my rh crampon just after topping the scramble probably c 100 yards along the rising ridge on Friday 28 Nov 2008. STUC A CHROIN, 41 WAGGON ROAD, BRIGHTONS, FALKIRK, FK2 0EL 16 May 2017 RRN: 5200-5097-0729-8296-1533 About the recommended measures to improve your home’s performance rating Low and zero carbon energy sources Your home's heat demand You could receive Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments and help reduce carbon emissions by replacing your Sarah and I talked about why Scotland’s hills and mountains make us feel so much happier and it has left me pondering the “whys” a wee bit more. Event Difficulty. We've spent the weekend in the Highlands, where Tom has been running a race - the Stuc a'Chroin 5000 While he was away up the hill, Bruce and I went for a walk. The summary information of one or more ascent routes that include Stuc a' Chroin. Approximate ... Once you reach the actual summit, you see Stuc a’Chroin, you can continue further to climb the Munro. Tel: 07803 970 425, To use hiking poles, or not to use hiking poles? Living in Scotland, I started climbing Munros and the map contours inspired me to start 'The Contour Collection'. Difficulty – 7/10. Without my time outdoors amid nature in many beautiful places, I would find life a bit of a struggle. lackadaisicalgal > scotland > stirling castle and stuc a' chroin. Otherwise you are advised to cross 1.25 miles out of Callander,and go Xcountry from there. There are 10066 Walkhighlanders who have climbed Stuc a' Chroin. Play As. Climbing / Inspiration / Outdoors & adventure / Walking, Nepali climbers the first to summit K2 in winter, CBD cream and other tips to manage sore muscles, Kit Reviews / Outdoors & adventure / Running, Review: Flanci skapri (aka the winter skort), Review: Hoka One One Torrent 2 for trail running, Fit over 50 / Inspiration / My fit at 50 / Outdoors & adventure / Ski & Snowboard, Inspiration / Outdoors & adventure / Walking, Chris Howard’s 11,000-mile walk of self-discovery around Britain. Bruce was very suspicious of this wee suspension… It seems strange to me that there was a time when I didn’t keep track of the Munros I bagged, nor wrote about all of them. Stùc a' Chroin Climbing Notes. It is difficult to choose a favourite season and each one has its merits. I am truly grateful for that. Click on the route title to load the full content for that route. it from the bottom, but is excellent fun if you give it a go. NN166712 is the grid reference for the summit of Ben Nevis. Paul and I, in training for the WHW, decided to walk in from Callander, making it aprox 9 miles to the summit.THERES STILL NO BRIDGE! Maps numbered 1 to 86 cover Scotland but for the highest mountains (Munros) only 23 maps are required. This is a relatively easy route, but the ascent of Stuc a' Chroin is a scramble. Email: [email protected] We give the most commonly accepted meaning, but accept that some of these are disputed. That is the question, Corbett in the Arrochar Alps: Beinn an Lochan. She is now grown up, with a child of her own, and amazingly she is the same age as I was when I met her dad. I'd done Ben Vorlich with my son a few years ago so still had the Stuc to do, and enjoyed it as the southern approach is probably less-travelled but the country is worth exploring. The route down the SW slope of Ben Vorlich and up the north side of Stuc a’Chroin is exposed and covers rough ground in places. It was on Stuc a’ Chroin summit I realised I had lost my glasses. The number of ascent routes currently available on Munromagic. 166712. Stuc A' Chroin 7 day weather forecast including weather warnings, temperature, rain, wind, visibility, humidity and UV Some blogs on this site will be also be sponsored and include affiliated links. Stuc a' Chrion Here are some of the things I learned. A selection of local accommodation options who advertise with The stunning hues of red, yellow, orange, ochre and russet add an incredible beauty to an already magnificent landscape. The UK is covered by 204 Ordnance Survey Landranger 1:50,000 scale maps. There is so much to be happy about in the Scottish countryside, including beautiful views, the closeness of nature, the wonders of wildlife, easy accessibility, a huge sense of freedom, the delights of sights such as temperature inversions, fog bows, rainbows, sunsets and sunrises, as well as the ever-changing seasons. Alternatively a steep eroded line just to the right avoids most of the scrambling. . Can be a little daunting looking up at I have another image taken a little bit before this one was taken with the lens opened wider. Ben Vorlich is a very popular hillwalk from Loch Earn and a fine viewpoint, whilst the continuation to Stuc a'Chroin is a more serious walk with steep, rocky ground.Terrain:Straightforward hillwalking to Ben Vorlich. Before setting out to walk these two Munros, many people in my Facebook group Munroaming had warned that the path on the lower return route from Stuc a’Chroin is boggy; very boggy! This means that I may have received payment for the posts. There was no mist to trouble us and the summit of Stuc a Chroin had cleared (see panorama below). Activity / Cycling / Cycling / Kit Reviews / Mountain biking / Road cycling, Love is… A few thoughts from an outdoors gal, Activity / Kit Reviews / Munro Bagging / Road cycling / Walking, My outdoor clothing guide to surviving the winter, Activity / Kit Reviews / Munro Bagging / Running / Running / Travel / Walking, Running in a Gore-tex Active Shell jacket, Activity / Cycling / Road cycling / Travel, Activity / Cycle Routes / Cycling / Cycling / Kit Reviews / Mountain biking / Road cycling, Why wearing a bike helmet makes sense to me. Mountain names are usually in Gaelic, the native language of the Scottish Highlands, or have been derived from the old Scots and Norse languages. Climbing photos at Stùc a' Chroin uploaded by users of These days, I record all my Munros and Corbetts and while I did mark on a map that these Munros had been bagged, I can’t tell you when I did this. 30th July 2006. route. Much nicer and quieter. the sum of all the uphill parts of the route. Summary:These two Munros on the southern fringe of the Highlands appear as an identical pair in many distant views. Each reference consists of two letters identifying a 100,000 metre square block then three digits defining the Easting and finally the three digits defining the Northing with reference to the South West corner of the block. Christine, Stu & John. Stuc a'Chroin Images : : Climbing, hiking, mountaineering You can prepare your own write up by first making an entry in your route log and then visiting the logging section above. However, on the climb, it is the ascent that matters, i.e.