Date of introduction. Normal operating days: everyday. If you discover that your property was lost on a bus service that doesn't belong to Metroline, please contact London Travel Information on 0843 222 1234. Bus route here [1] and timetable [2]. Saturday night . Route N113. Running between Edgware and Trafalgar Square, it is operated by Metroline. … Choose any of the N113 bus stops below to find updated real-time timetables and to see their route map. Night bus route between Edgware and Trafalgar Square. N113 bus timetable overview: Normally starts operating at 01:33 and ends at 05:05. Both companies share the same bus stops, but the bus numbers are different and each company has its own ticket. Route History . Sun-Thur nights . View on Map 4TEH. 113 bus Route Schedule and Stops The 113 bus (Direction: 113n Dunellen North Ave) has 75 stops departing from Port Authority Bus Terminal and ending in North Ave at Jackson Ave. 113 bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 7:35 AM and ends at 11:05 PM. Lothian is the dominant city operator with most buses and routes, while First, has fewer bus routes and focuses on the city's outskirts. This was the day of the Heart of the Pennines rally, being held at nearby Wade Street. EDGWARE - TRAFALGAR SQUARE Contract renewal RUNNING NUMBER change . N113 Sunday night/Monday morning to Thursday night/Friday morning towards Trafalgar Square Other direction Weekends NYE Edgware, Bus Station 0025 0055 0125 0157 0230 0300 0330 0400 Apex Corner, Watford Way 0030 0100 0130 0202 0235 0305 0335 0405 Mill Hill Circus 0032 0102 0132 0204 0237 0307 0337 0407 Hendon Central Station, Watford Way 0039 0109 0139 0211 0244 0314 0344 0414 … If you’re not going to buy a day-ticket, then you won’t have to worry about what bus you take. London Buses route N113 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, United Kingdom. It's a sobering thought that 8601 from the same batch would herself end up as a preserved rally specimen many years later. Home / N113; Lost Property. The N113 bus (Direction: Edgware) has 57 stops departing from Trafalgar Square (T) and ending in Edgware Station (G). Click map to enlarge. 01.04.17: EW716+ 4TEH. History On 30 June 2012, London Buses route N113 was introduced. If your loss occurred within the last two days. If your loss occurred more than two days ago. London Buses route N113 commenced operation on 30 June 2012 between Edgware Station and Trafalgar Square via Station Road - Edgwarebury Lane - Edgware Way - Watford Way - Mill Hill Circus - Watford Way - Hendon Central … Operating days this week: everyday. Wikipedia page [3]. The Greater London Bus Map. Operating days this week: everyday. N113 bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 12:05 AM and ends at 2:41 AM. The service is contracted to Metroline. Edgware Bus Station (Stop E) → Write a reviewLeave a review about this route Add to favorites On the map. Trajectory of the route on the map. Similar routes. London Buses Route N113 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Scania N113 8606 was captured when around a month old at Halifax Bus Station on 02/05/1993. Gar. 4TEH. Bus 113. N113 bus Route Schedule and Stops The N113 bus (Direction: Autobaza Nordului‎→Complex Comercial Titan) has 28 stops departing from Autobaza Nordului and ending in Complex Comercial Titan. See route stops on the map. 引擎. 斯堪尼亞n113型雙層巴士採用橫置引擎佈局,將引擎置於引擎室右側,波箱和傳動軸則位於左側,與英國傳統後置引擎雙層巴士(例如丹尼士巨龍與利蘭奧林比安)相反。 除了兩輛樣辦車採用ds11-74引擎(歐盟一期)外,其餘20輛斯堪尼亞n113型雙層巴士均配備符合歐盟二期排放標準的dsc11-24引擎。 Trip planner → List of routes → Bus route N113 on the map of London. Friday night . No reviews.