Response Timeline. Submission for works within MRT Railway Protection Zone (RPZ) must be endorsed by qualified submitting person which includes architects and engineers. Protective Measures. LTA has revised the LTA-DBC_RAILS.XFD to facilitate the new submission workflow for engineering work involving modification request. with a shorter overall submission process and the developer can expect to commence and complete the development work as planned. The new Guidebook can be downloaded from LTA and Corenet e-Info websites. Development Control approval. What if Place of origin and destination place of journey connected by rail but journey performed by other mode of transport.. Within 15 working days. (A) SERVICE IMPROVEMENT - CONSOLIDATED SUBMISSION FOR ROADS & TRANSPORT AND VEHICLE PARKING CLEARANCE AT DEVELOPMENT CONTROL (DC) STAGE 1. 6. If there are any deviation(s) from LTA’s requirements on the plan proposals, a pre-consultation or a DC layout plan submission highlighting the deviation(s) must be made. Coordinate with Temporary PE for the temporary work submission such as LTA Prompt , LTA DBC, SMRT MOD, PUB, NPark, LTA TM, LTA Street light etc.. Acting as main Coordinator for SMRT Modification (B2m Subway connection to Woodland South MRT). New Plan Submission Requirements. Submissions for . Land Transport Authority 6. Pre-Submission Consultation with LTA. This applies to all new submissions to LTA made after 1 October 2019. 10. Any request for waiver made at the CSC stage due to incorrect lodgement will be turned down. 3. We strive to respond within the stated response time if all the submission requirements are met. About In my current role as Deputy Project Manager at Land Transport Authority, I lead a team for the replacement of sleepers, the rectangular pieces of timber supporting the rail tracks, along stretches of the North-South and East-West Line as well as the bottom contact 750V DC third rail system. The revised Corenet submission forms would be made available on 15 August 2018. Code of Practice for Railway Protection has been implemented by the Development & Building Control (DBC) Department of Land Transport Authority (LTA), Singapore to safeguard the existing MRT Structures against the any possible damages that may be caused due to the construction development that is taking place. Yo si cerel QUEK T CK BENG Deputy Director Development & Building Control 8. Download For any inquiries, please contact Elia Emizar Ng Adimon at 03-20832000 or email to Within 15 working days. *Application for such exemption can be made using FORM LTA DBC RAIL EXEMPT which is available in the "Guide To Carrying Restricted Activities within Railway Protection and Safety Zones". LTA Form download. Protective measures are essential when carrying out construction work in close proximity to the MRT structures. However, re-submissions to LTA are also encouraged to follow the new submission requirement. These values are The Code limits movement of MRT structures due to adjacent construction to 15mm and rotation of the track to 1:1666 in any plane (Table 1). Certificate of Statutory Clearance . Henceforth, QPs and developers are required to submit their mechanised car parking system proposals to LTA for a pre-submission consultation before a development application is submitted to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) for planning permission. the approval of Land Transport Authority (LTA) upon full compliance of the technical requirements (Figure 2) as specified in the Code of Practice for Railway Protection (2000). File Type Size Uploaded on Download; Statutory Declaration: PDF: 30.34 KB: 20 Aug, 2015 This paper describes some of the requirements that are to be compiled by … A In case of journey performed by rail, then you can get the LTA benefit for : A.C. first class rail fare by shortest route or amount spent which ever is less. If you have any query, we welcome you to call the LTA hotline number 1800 225 5582 or our DBC (Rails & Road Structure Protection) officer-in-charge. Building Plan approval . 7.