I think the red circles were just the authors design, Pride/Envy didn't have anything like that iirc, nor did any version of Father. [1][2] The series follows the story of two alchemist brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, who want to restore their bodies after a disastrous failed attempt to bring their mother back to life through alchemy. Apologies.Still, I don't think so. Bradley specifically targets the points on his body where Greed hasn't used his ultimate shield yet, as he can't regenerate and use the shield at the same time. In a flashback to the Ishval war, Hawkeye asks Mustang to burn her father's notes on Flame Alchemy from her back. Later, Knox has a visit from his wife and son, who are pleased to hear he treated two live patients. But also, it makes little difference at this point. King Bradley (キング・ブラッドレイ, Kingu Buraddorei) is one of the primary antagonists in the Fullmetal Alchemist series, being that he is one of the seven Homunculi.Bradley was also the original Führer (大総統, Daisōtō) of Amestris.In the manga series and the 2009 anime reboot, he was known as Wrath, the final homunculus created by Father. If he had hardened himself and still gotten eaten by lava, that would be one thing. From episode 39–50, ... A mysterious man with a cross-shaped scar across his face attacks and murders Brigadier General Basque Grand. @rogueshadow: Its not just Greed in FMA:B. When he covers his entire body with the ultimate shield, he doesn't have any weak points. Xing. On the other hand, full body shield greedling would have almost zero chance of ever tagging Wrath. All Rights Reserved. Before falling down he grabs a piece of his broken sword in his teeth and pierces Scar in his midsection. Similarly, in the first anime, the reformed Amestris give the Ishbalan people their land back after King Bradley's death. My guess is, the alchemy bypasses the shield altogether and does a lot of internal damage. But going full body shield makes it practically impossible for Wrath to win without the right kind of environment. That's exactly why I thought they were his weak-points. There is not even a shred of evidence from any of the other battles that this is the case - it's totally your conjecture. 3. while we didn't know much about father at this point, i think even greed knew, that trying to fight back, in the precense of father himself, plus wrath and the other homunculi was pointless, he couldn't even beat wrath 1v1, fighting the guy the created them? @kingcrimson: While Bradley's swords can't cut through Greed's armor, Scar's right arm certainly can. Why do you think some homunculi have them while others don't? R1: Bradley blitzes Scar and wins against Ling 10/10. You should really pay more attention to the series. Unlike his manga counterpart, Wrath, Pride has retained the ability to regenerate any wound. Even The Horse Showed It's Sympathy For The Girl Who Just Couldn't Climb Up, Brazilian Bodybuilder Let's A Blind Girl Touch His Muscular Body, 25 Women Inappropriately Dressed For Walmart, Skinny Guys Who Transformed Into Muscular Hunk, If You Look Once, You'll Miss Out On Stuff. It doesn't add up and it's never mentioned by anybody that they have such a detrimental, painfully obvious weakness? So do these marks represent some sort of weak points for the Homunculi? Rua da Gameleira, 209, Praia da Pipa, Tibau do Sul - RN. carbon has a melting point, specifcally of: 3550 oC, 3823 K. so even if he hardended himself, his carbon sheild would still melt. He has a full head of black hair, with a few greying and a thick black mustache, and a blue tint to his right eye as he is seen to wear an eye patch over his left. I think Bradley can easily fend them both off at the same time and then using 1 perfect opportunity to pull Greed in the path of Scar's destructive alchemy. You can't say it's definitely where they injected the philosophers stones into the body, because the 5 homunculi that have them didn't have bodies for them to be injected in to. Most Unique Portrait Of Keanu Reeves Ever! +55 84 99400-7950 +55 84 99499-1574. info@pipacentro.com.br The FMA universe is based heavily off of suedo science rather than magic, while greed could make his body hard as diamond everything has a melting point. Sloth is just a durable homunculi - they all have different superhuman traits. There are plenty of things that weren't explained - like how long do Lust's spear stretches, what exactly is the "Ultimate Eye", why is Sloth so durable without the Ultimate Shield, what are Pride's "shadows" made of? Don't think it would have quite the same effect. The thing about Bradley is that despite facing them 2 on 1, he can easily kill Scar any time he wants. Girl Juggling Like She Is Performing Magic. 4.as for lava. @marty2187: Yeah I've just googled it after you mentioned the mannequin soldiers - the wiki voices the same opinion as you. Why didn't Greddling start his last fight with Bradly fully armored anyway? Wrath states that he can die, he just regenerates and comes back. However, the author planned to reveal Scar's name before the manga finishes (in the "extras" at the end of volume 15, Arakawa states she has a name for Scar, but it's a secret). You are asking why Bradly stabbed Greed through the 2 of those markings on the chest AND the 2 markings on the stomach? The Führer orders Hughes and Armstrong to use all available resources to stop the murderer. . It's never stated and that's the only showing that maybe implies it. @marty2187: his arms and legs weren't pinned, but he stabbed him with two swords through his abdomen as well. 494 votes, 97 comments. He somehow knew Askari was se… Scar is an animated character who appears as the main antagonist in Disney's The Lion King franchise.He was created in 1989 by screenwriters Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts, and Linda Woolverton, and animated by Andreas Deja.The Pride Lands' reclusive heir presumptive, Scar is introduced in the first film as Simba's uncle and Mufasa's younger brother. Ah, didn't spot those 2 on his abdomen during the anime. King Bradley Vs. Captain America Season 1, Episode 3 Vital statistics Air date August 7th, 2020 Written by Vsguy Directed by Vsguy Episode guide Previous Next Ladybug and Chat Noir Vs. Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers Giorno Giovanna Vs. Archer Underneath his eye patch is \"The Ultimate Eye\", or his regular eye with the Ouroboros mark in place of the pupil and cornea. pointless. While I'm personally a little dubious that it covers his eyes, we have no reason to believe it doesn't. The Weird And Wonderful Tales Of Parking Cars, Drunkenness And Stupidity Go Hand In Hand. And it was because Greed was stabbed through those circles when brought before Father that he didn't harden when being lowered into lava. remember his ultimate sheild is made from carbon. He'll keep attacking Greed and stopping from regenerating his body and shield while fending off Scar. The Ouroboros tattoo, in alchemy, signifies "life and death" or "something constantly recreating itself". 2. Round 2 Scar beat an injured Bradley.... with injuries he sustained in a fight with Greedling and a few others.... Not to mention, the only reason Scar actually defeated Bradley was because of the eclipse, which, imo, was one of the worst examples of PIS I've ever seen. really..what other purpose was there for keeping a tub of magma handy?? Its no surprise that the only ones without those nodes are a) Pride, who is just a free-forming black mass without a definite shape or form b) Bradley, who had a human base, not a body created in lab and c) Greedling in human form who is like Bradley and lacks the nodes Greed had in his human form. Win by death, ko, or incap. The process involved gathering male infants from their birth and secr… According to Scar as he explains his story to a cobra named Ushari, he met him when he was the leader of the Lion Guard (going under the name Askari) at the time while scouting the Outlands alone. Plus, unless he kills them both with that one move, Greed should be able to either reconstruct his shield or regenerate any lost limbs. If the homunculi had such a glaring weakness as literal bullseyes painted on them, I feel like it would of been mentioned at some point throughout the story. Would the Red Circles on his body still be his weak points? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Why didn't Greed harden his body when being dipped in lava? When first introduced under the guise of Selim Bradley, Pride acts as if he has the mannerisms of a usual young boy, displaying a proneness to hero worship. Pride's shadows are just another ability that, again, doesn't require an explanation. R2: This round is more closer due to bloodlust for GreedLing, but I can see Bradley overwhelming GreedLing more often than not before GreedLing can use his complete Ultimate Shield for a majority. I think he could have put up his shield but it would have made little difference. Which is why, interrupting that flow by sticking swords through it would be a weakness. The eclipse then lifts, blinding Bradley with sunlight and allowing Scar to kill him. The joke also states that King Bradley, another character whose real name is unknown, shares the same name. A healthy, bloodlusted Bradley wins round 1 10/10. The swords through his body were through those markings. Wrath Fragment of episode 61 "The One Who Swallowed God" The eclipse then lifts, blinding Bradley with sunlight and allowing Scar to kill him The nodes have other significance. i suppose potentially, he lacked the strength to break free while he was flat on his back. Purely design based. Scar was also implied to have been granted amnesty afterward, as a photo shows him living as a Warrior Priest again. Fragment of episode 61 "The One Who Swallowed God"... Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Scar vs. I'm still not 100% sold personally, but I won't argue it anymore. In the first anime, Scar died without his name ever being revealed. greed was very obviously defiant but not out right foolish. The Strange Lion's origins are unknown, but given the fact that Scar did not recognize him, it seems to be likely that he may have come from somewhere far away from the Pride Lands and the Outlands. I'd give it to bradley, as he's blitzed many people of similar skills to jacks, like Ran Fan or Fu. if anything it would prolong the pain he felt from it pointlessly as either way he knows father is going to take his stone back one way or another. you have good/solid questions i was just trying to put in my thoughts on them. Wrath is an exception among the Seven Homunculi as he was created from a human instead of being born directly from a Philosopher's Stone. Actually, Greed has the same markings with his armor on - red bands meeting at circles: The point is that Bradley subdued Greed by stabbing him through those marks and leaving him there. They were created entirely through alchemy. Notice that Scar rarely deconstructs skin when attacking a human opponent. Being born from the Deadly Sin of Wrath, he … He displays great admiration and respect for his "father", King Bradley, at one point writing a glowing report about him for a school project. What happens after that is anyone's guess. lol. @jhan232: Nope. So why didn't Greed regenerate his arms, harden them into claws and then break/pull out the swords after Wrath left him there? @kingcrimson: But the only ones who'd know of this weakness would be the other Homunculus and they are not likely to advertise it. Team round 2 with high difficulty. I definitely think that the author was implying that impaling those nodes neutralizes the homunculus' powers. 1. bradley vs scar episode; December 31, 2020 Comments are off. The design on Ed's back is called "Flamel's Cross" - named after the real-world Nicholas Flamel who gained the reputation of being an alchemist who made the Philosopher's Stone (Yeah, the same guy Rowling used in Harry Potter). unless that greed was so weak he couldn't pull the sword out by himself. Sixty years before the start of the story, Wrath was an orphan without known family or even a name, who was raised as "Prospective Führer Number 12" amongst hundreds of other abandoned children in a secret program created by Father and the Amestrianmilitary to find the perfect ruler of Amestris. The ultimate form of vision, which is accompanied by his extraordinary swordsmanship, as well as the unique ability to age. But why didn't he even put up the shield? In chapter 102, when Wrath asks Scar what his name is, Scar replies he has no name and abandoned it long ago. Regardless, he's never shown to have the same weakness once he covers his body in his ultimate shield so I think he's safe from Bradley whilst fully covered. King Bradley is a major supporting character in the anime/manga franchise Fullmetal Alchemist.He serves as the Fuhrer, the military leader and Head of State for the nation of Amestris. I'm not sure. Close match, but I'll go with Bradley in both rounds. i mean imagine literally jamming a sword into the shoulder itself between the shoulder blade and the arm bones. So what happens if Scar's arm is prepped to destroy muscle and internal organs, but instead of Bradley, it hits Greed? The series was first broadcast with a television film titled The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel on November 22, 2015, and began airing as a TV series on January 15, 2016, on Disney Junior. Greed (or greedling for that matter) wasn't going full shield against Wrath in FMA because i think it makes his speed/movement much more slow than just keeping his hands covered. thus leaving him completely impaled. Fat Gordo Tries A Water Slide Into A Swimming Pool Jump, When You Have A Jealous Girl On The Dance Floor. The swords that were inside him MAY have caused a hole/gap in his armor that couldn't defend against the magma. Originally first-in-line to … Quite Possibly The Best Spiderman Tattoo Ever, White Shadows – Reveal Trailer – Developer Mixtvision & Monokel – Publisher Headup Games – Gamescom 2020 – Devcom 2020 – E3 – GDC – Tokyo Game Show – Brazil Game Show, Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthbound – CGI Trailer - Developer Cyanide – Publisher Nacon – Director Julien Desourteaux – Writer Martin Ericsson – Unreal Engine 4 – Gamescom 2020 – Devcom 2020 – E3 – GDC – Tokyo Game Show – Brazil Game Show, Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthbound – Gameplay Rage Trailer - Developer Cyanide – Publisher Nacon – Director Julien Desourteaux – Writer Martin Ericsson – Unreal Engine 4 – Gamescom 2020 – Devcom 2020 – E3 – GDC – Tokyo Game Show – Brazil Game Show, Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthbound – Story Trailer - Developer Cyanide – Publisher Nacon – Director Julien Desourteaux – Writer Martin Ericsson – Unreal Engine 4 – Gamescom 2020 – Devcom 2020 – E3 – GDC – Tokyo Game Show – Brazil Game Show, Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthbound – Reveal Trailer - Developer Cyanide – Publisher Nacon – Director Julien Desourteaux – Writer Martin Ericsson – Unreal Engine 4 – Gamescom 2020 – Devcom 2020 – E3 – GDC – Tokyo Game Show – Brazil Game Show. In the manga and 2009 anime Bradley appears as an older man near sixty with an incredible physique for his age. Round 2) Team take it if Greedling stops jobbing and uses his complete ultimate shield. 1. he probably knew it was pointless. Who cares how long Lust's spear stretches? ep. @marty2187: Personally? My guess would be that since the shield is attached to the muscle (it has to be, otherwise, Greed wouldn't be able to move), it crumbles giving Bradley the opening to attack Greed. You are missing the point. @marty2187: His eyes change colour, and he states that it covers his entire body. Wrath And I suspect it has something to do with how the stone flows through the body in liquid form. Manga and Brotherhood feats only no 2003 feats, Round 1: Normal Ling and Scar with only his deconstruction arm, Round 2: Greedling and Scar was both arms. Pride has been gifted with two abilities, unlike his brethren. The thing about Bradley is that despite facing them 2 on 1, he can easily kill Scar any time he wants. If Scar was aiming for Bradley, he would be trying to deconstruct skin, not Graphene, right? Wrath is killed by Scar in both the manga and the recent anime by Scar destroying both of his arms. Not even for the readers sake? We've seen the mannequin dolls with the same red lines and nodes. Greed is the problematic one because his shield wouldn't give Bradley any openings. No prep but basic knowlegde. Team takes round 2. The question is, why didn't Greed harden at all? Minecraft - The Lion King! @marty2187: that's a good point, but an alchemist has to know the composition of the material he's deconstructing to affect it. So, what significance do you think those red nodes have? Instead he goes directly for their internal organs bypassing the outer-layer altogether. You Might Want To Double-Check These Pictures! Morals on but determined to win. We also saw them with connected to the pipes injecting them with Philosopher's stones at the nodes in their back. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Scar vs. The Flamel's Cross symbolizes "fixing of the volatile" - a step in creating the philosopher's stone. It's kind of an important point in the story from the readers perspective, so the writers could of easily made them aware if they were in fact a weakness. No other explanation for it. I don't think it is ever stated that those red circles are weaknesses of the humonculi though. The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley and based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. Wrath is the only homunculus we have seen have a philosophers stone injected and he is missing the markings. @marty2187: If that were true, why did he bother stabbing him in the stomach as well? 7 years ago | 539 views. Wrath And its not just Ed, but Al has the same symbol on his shoulder and Izumi had it tattooed on her collar. That five out of the seven -supposedly- indestructible homunculi have these red circles on their person that can take them out immediately and its never mentioned that they're a weakness is such a stretch its not even worth mentioning IMO. Why did Wrath stab Greed through those spots and leave him there while he dealt with his underlings? The swords that were inside him MAY have caused a hole/gap in his armor that couldn't defend against the magma. When Your Girl Offers To Pay, But She Really Doesn't! And you are telling me that he could have hardened during the dip, but "chose" not to? As for the red nodes, they definitely represent the points were philosopher's stones were injected into the body. 2 Team if Greedling use his Ultimate Shield. That for some reason, if you stab a homunculus in those points, it stops them from using their powers like hardening or regenerating. I always thought the lava bath was Father's way of completely destroying Greed. Respect thread for [Scar] ( ) Respect thread for [Overhaul] ( ) Fight takes place on a deserted city block, and both … Turning Old Metal Parts Into Amazing Artwork! Summary. Although there is no way of knowing if he (greed) knew lava to be his weakness; Father should have though. I'm pretty attached to bradley, and I haven't seen Jack in a while, so I'm probably pretty biased. 3. maybe he was literally immobilized. King Bradley takes on Greed in Dublith!Fulmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 14SUBSCRIBE! from what it looks like to me, wrath left his swords in their, not as a way to harm him, but to literally make it so he can't move his arms. Round 2 is a tossup, but if Greed covers Ling's entire body with his ultimate Sheild, there's really no way for Bradley to hurt him. The Flamel's Cross and the Ouroborous have symbolic significance. 51. @marty2187: good points but im not trying to tell you anything =/, Wrath pinning him down is starting to seem like a bit of a plot hole. i mean yes greed has insane regen, but regen only works on a wound. Plus, IIRC he still had those swords implanted in him during his conversation with Father before he's lowered into the pit and he is moving and talking then. Watch fullscreen. I actually kept expecting it to play a part/have some relevance. The latest GIFs for #king bradley. Making Beautiful Art With This New And Trendy Filter! As for why they didn't explain it - no idea. I think its more likely that they're just for show, for whatever reason. But the guy was stabbed with 4 swords without his shield up, so not to surprised he was subdued for a while. If you're referring to the first Greed's fight with wrath when he stabs him through the red marks on his shoulders, I'm pretty sure they're a design on his shirt. @marty2187: Ah, right you are sir. he himself stated this. @marty2187: Well then Bradley should have known, and he had no reason to keep it to himself as he lacks the marks himself. – Dimitri mx ♦ Apr 26 '13 at 15:15 @Dimitrimx I don't fully understand but some parts means like "without a place to live" or so it seems. 2. wrath does have his all-seeing-eye. IMO, it was just a means of pinning him down so he could bring him before Father. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. What does that sound like? In that instance Greed failed to raise his shield as fast as Wrath was lopping off limbs. © 2021 Metacafe, LLC. I'd say it was natural for anyone aim for those - even subconsciously. roy mustang fullmetal alchemist wrath edward elric fmaedit. He also seems fanatically interested in the Elric Brothers, reacting with giddy excitement upon meeting them. My assumption was that that is how the power of the philosophers stone is dispersed throughout their body. Fragment of episode 61 "The One Who Swallowed God" Episode 10 "Scar VS Barbierian" And once Greed is done, he'll finish Scar off. In truth, Wrath is distant, reserved and merciless, as devoted to Father's cause as any other homunculus. So how does his philosophers stone - which we know for a fact is in liquid form - flow through the body? He was shown (to an extent) to … like when Mustang ripped out Lust's stone, her body died but then she just regrew around the stone itself. No, his arms and legs weren't pinned. Greed is the problematic one because his shield wouldn't give Bradley any openings. Why does Ed have that design on the back of his coat?To me it seems similar to their Ouroboros tattoos - they don't serve any particular purpose other than to identify them as homunculus to the reader. Why was Greed stabbed through those spots when hanging over lava? Still, could of been because they are basically visible bullseyes on his body. Excessive heat potentially could have overwhelmed his shield regardless. Shere Khan Vs Scar is an unproduced 2020 American animated musical epic drama film directed and produced by Jon Favreau, written by Jeff Nathanson, and produced by Disney Television Animation, a loosely-based reboot of The Lion King franchise, particularly The Lion Guard. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Scar vs. In the first anime as well, Lust was pinned in place with spikes through her nodes and tattoo. Wasn't each of his arms/legs pinned? I definitely felt there was something going on with the nodes throughout their body. There is a lot more symbolism here than "purely design based". Share a GIF and browse these related GIF tags. ... # King Bradley#Scar # 1k# alphonse elric# brotherhood# edward elric# fullmetal alchemist# king bradley# m fma# may chang# my gif# roy mustang#xiao mei @kingcrimson: Bradley did know - which is why he stabbed Greed in those exact spots, IMO. That Greed (not GreedLing) was never portrayed as being strong at all & his Shield wouldn't amplify his strength only durability. Sometimes he reveals par… Bradley round one. No offence man, but those are all ridiculous examples aside from the ultimate eye. Xing (シン国, Shin-koku) is a country far away from Amestris. I think so, although there is no way of knowing for sure. From that, we can conclude that those nodes serve as something like USB ports for Father to plug in the pipes to inject philosopher's stone. It can't be any coincidence that the only two missing said markings are the two that the reader is supposed to be unaware are homunculus until its chosen to be revealed in the story.