Thank you so much for sharing this information. They need better explanations for these error messages. I You can have your benefits deposited directly to your bank account, or loaded onto a prepaid Bank of America debit card. My UI claim in 2019 was approved for a whole 5 months and now there is an issue when I need it in 2020! During online certification I was receiving They are well aware of the problems that the Dept. They also sent me an email stating the my eligibility for the PEUC plus the 600. They are taking these ppl at face value. (732) 761- 2020 or 2021. It’s really sad. 9:29 AM (19 minutes ago) I need to speak to an actual human being from unemployment so they can straighten my stuff out but don’t know how, been trying to no avail. Each time a recording takes me so far and says that I need to call on the next business day due to high volume. Between 1900 and 1930, New Jersey's population more than doubled, and manufacturing became a $4 billion industry. input $0.00 earned for last week at another page that maybe it directs you to the good news — the site now says “If your claim status says “not payable at this time,” you do not need to contact the Regional Call Center (RCC). AWW, THANK YOU..THANK YOU FOR THE GENEROUS APPLAUSE!!! I cant open a new claim as I just got approved for this one. I was able to claim for 1 week successfully & then got this message when trying to claim the 2nd week. If your separation is temporary and was caused by the coronavirus emergency, please answer NO to this question. SINCE 03/01 I HAVE NOT EARNED MORE THAN $35/DA & I AM TRULY SUFFERING!!!!! That helps a lot, thank you for helping Carol! But I don’t know It’s ridiculous!!! My official furlough date was 4/6/2020 and I filed soon after. So do not give up although you would be told to try the next I filed 04/12. Hi Zach, I have exactly the same problem as described in your case above. and speak to no one. You should answer “YES” only if you are currently receiving pension or other retirement benefit payments from one of the employers listed below.  If you are currently paying into a pension or other retirement plan but you are not receiving payments, you should answer “NO.”  If you are receiving pension payments from an employer who is not listed you should also answer “NO.”, Question 7 – Did you work between mm-dd-2020 and mm-dd-2020?Â. Why is is so much easier for some?! I will no longer stand by our government. So do I answer “no” to this question or do I have to answer “yes” and then Answering a question incorrectly will result in a “claim not payable at this time” error message. Unfortunately, there are no do-overs because the answers to these questions may affect benefit eligibility. Agents review the errors, pay the claims that can be paid and contact those from whom additional information is required. But because the number of weekly certifiers is in the hundreds of thousands, correcting the error could take two weeks. If your claim is not payable at this time please send inquire to with the detailed description of your problem. I’ve been calling every day since last Tuesday and haven’t been able to get through over the phone. job loss, do I answer it as “No”? Please read my comment under my post. Read our coronavirus emergency FAQ before you apply. It’s not 11:05a and I’ve been calling since 8:30a. I want to how are we supposed to speak to an agent if we keep getting hung up on… Fix this issue so our families can have some ease and stop feeding us the bullshit… I am a single parent who needs her money…. I don’t think that the error message “Your certification cannot be processed” is coming for self-employed cases only. When the people need help, NOW we need to worry about the debt all of a sudden. There is no option or anyone to ask how to backdate or how can I receive the missing PUA from March 15th to May 31st??? Now, another 3 months or until September. To New jersey state if doing this with many claims can pocket Millions by not paying out individuals according to the correct day they stopped working but they pay them by the date they filled the application. I can not get through their phone line as well. That is illegal and if someone else in the same situation we literally can sue the state (NJDOL) because the LAW states: (I am qouting the PDF above which is a letter instruction all states to backdate claims of PUA). Dont worry about your claim status. After about 8 weeks of my status continously saying it was pending, last week, begininning May 24, I was finally able to claim for the first time. In order to save me from going insane in just going to cut & paste what I wrote there. When you can file again online, once u answer the questions successfully & your taken to the confirmation page, BEFORE EXITING, SCROLL DOWN AND SEE IF THERE’S A 3RD BUTTON IN THE MIDDLE WHICH SAYS CLAIM ADDITIONAL WEEKS. They informed that I should receive a call from unemployment within a week and its been 3. i. I’m a resident of NJ. When I claimed the questions concerning covid-19 job loss never came up I was only asked the regular unemployment questions. I received an email each time I completed a week with a confirmation number saying I should see the funds in my bank account in 3 buisness days. Waiting game is still on its almost 3 and half week now and haven’t heard from them. They will be notified. If you are able to, you can also call me on 732.640.7513. All my withholdings went pretty much to NJ. I cant continue to suffer day after day, week after week, and month after month. Did you recently file under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance to reopen an older claim in which its benefits have been exhausted? got the email on 4/15 that they would be able to claim PUA, but could not log in to claim weekly benefits. They even sent me a letter in the mail over the weekend saying they determined that I am eligible! Answer: No. sent me back the letter with the same automate generated common recommendations. That’s when you tell them wtf has been happening. Thanks. I find it coincidental that barely 2 weeks after this happened to me that NOW they are addressing the problem! I could give a rat’s ass. Whether it is to reopen or refile.. For unlimited access to her work covering New Jersey’s lawmakers and political power structure, please subscribe or activate your digital account today. Open a new tab: & open Instructions for Questions 1-7 like this screen So me being brainless didn’t bother to research this and I reopened an already approved claim according to the email. New Jersey’s unemployment remains higher than the United States as a whole reflective of how hard the state has been hit by the pandemic compared to other parts of the nation. I live in New York so I don’t have a local New Jersey councilman I can cal to help. If it was up to me I would tell everyone in America to not even vote. Of Labor is having. I lost my freaking teacher aide job in early March. However, here I am… still “pending” since 4/2!!! I should be able to hold and wait but it’s not just me I’m feeding. COVID-19 is scary but a month ago i realized that starving in my apartment and falling behind in rent are pushing me over the edge. I was on NBC 10 news in Philadelphia still nothing. This is such a disaster. Can I ask, when you were getting the message. so i am missing 2 months of payments!? I just received 9 weeks worth of back pay so if you’re owed it make sure to do it as asap because it won’t always be there. The gaul of the labor head to insinuate that the only reason why the 200000+ people who have not received payments, is because of OUR input errors. This is completely not true. That’s why the Labor Department has created a how-to guide to walk claimants through the questions. I’ve been scouring thru search results looking for anything related to my problem and only found your comment. So I was hoping I would have received it last night but nothing. claim. I have an approval and a weekly benefit rate. Nothing personal but, you guys are too slow and not smart. It listed my remaining balance & everything. THEY REVISED #7 WITHOUT NOTICE AT ALL, THEY SAW THEIR ERROR & JUST SLID THE NEW INSTRUCTIONS ON NJDOL WEBSITES, YET EVERY OTHER PUBLICATION/WEBSITES STILL HAVE THE ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS LIKE ABOVE. I’m crying considering the easiest solution is to off myself. I Also emailed the governor office still no reply.. i file a claim the end of april and have not receive a penny i cannot get in touch with any pl some one tell me what to do my name is derrick scott number 732-737-4749 i do not have any money and i do not know to get in touch with unemployment. I filed claim on 4/12 after that i received an email on 4/21 to fill up a form ‘e-Adjudication’, i did and i got automated reply that they will reply back within 2 weeks. I should may be try early in the morning. But each time I try to certify as per instructions, I get the same message. Was able to received my first week claim in April, but now trying to process my second week off and after certifying my claim, it then requirement me to “Reopen the claim”. thank you. etc.. If anyone has info, please share. Yesterday (June 6, 2020) I had phone call from Claims Examiner and I have answered all her questions. I filed my claim on 3/22. I live in Pennsylvania but I work in NJ. I still haven’t heard anything and still cannot claim. I went online to see what I had to do next and since it was Friday, I looked up the last 4 digits of my SS # – said I should file between noon and 12:30 – at Noon on the dot, I clicked certify my claim. Your claim indicates that you have returned to work. Were u able to finally speak to someone by following my directions, calling that number and claiming by phone after which the automated system transferred you to wait on hold before real person picks up and assists you? The scenarios presented are during NONCOVID claims. Governor Sheila Oliver, Pregnancy and Health Issues While Unemployed, View the Current Schedule for Claiming Weekly Benefits. I live in Pennsylvania but I work in NJ. The reason I am asking is because I want to if the questions are the same as when using the automated system. I have written the detailed letter with all circumstances of my long and hard way to get Unemployment benefits. It told me I was able to claim benefits today. I had to put info into the system (it prompts you for that) I had to say why I was out of work (I am self employed) and after I completed that I went through step by step and it took me to week ending 4/4 – I completed that and then it took me to the next week and so on (completing the 7 questions each time) until I got to this week and I was done so I filed for 5 weeks of retro PUA benefits (it only let me go back to the date I first filed not from the time I stopped work (that would have been March 5th) but I was happy to be getting what I was getting. notices like “Your NJ workers currently claiming benefits (PUA or PEUC) are receiving an 11-week extension. Awesome! Janet Castro will succeed Chris Pianese to become North Bergen’s 1st Latina business administrator, Apps and maps bring the Underground Railroad to life for students in this South Jersey town. No action for My claim for 6 weeks. I’ve been working my tail off over the past 8 years… after our last recession, life-altering changes and a stint on welfare. Question 4 – Were you attending school or job training? Anywho tried it your way today and no luck. Its not only frustrating but I know others that do the same job as me who filed later than me and are receiving benefits already. although at this point I have no other choice. Hi Zach, I have a situation like the one you are describing here. 2102(a)(3)(A)(ii)(I) of the CARES Act. I have always answered this question with a Use our spreadsheet to streamline the process. SERIOUSLY THOUGH..HOW DARE NJDOL MAKE THIS CHANGE AND NOT POST A NOTIFICATION OR ALERT. The next day I got an e-adjudication form that I filled out and immediately returned. Could you offer any insight or help to my situation please? Absolutely nothing should come before the us Americans. Get your $hit together. However, I’ve received two payments of my benefits along with 600 dollars on top. We offer opportunities for unemployed workers to obtain job training or education while collecting benefits. Point blank. I only know this from helping a friend. I have poured into the system all my life and when I need help, I can’t even get a penny’s worth of help! If so, how long after your direct deposit did you receive it and is it direct deposited like your weekly benefits or did it come by mail in a card? Hope they solve it soon. It took me 5 wks before I saw a change from pending to filed with a dollar amount rather than zero. You will receive credit for claiming I got an email from the NJ DOL saying that I was approved for the extension and could begin to claim starting Wednesday June 3rd (wednesday would be my day based on social security) so I did that day, at my exact time slot. Some of my creditors understand and some dont. THAT EMAIL ADDRESS IS NO LONGER ACCEPTING EMAILS..I TRULY DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO..I HAVE $5.16 TO MY NAME…THIS STRESS IS GOING TO PUT ME IN THE HOSPITAL. This is the worst. I have always answered this question with a “no”, but I’m wondering if I am answering it incorrectly and maybe that being the reason why it says my claim is not payable at this time. I applied on 3/23/2020 my claim requires me to speak to an agent.. Today, and amazng thing happened. They emailed a questionnaire the day after I filed and I submitted it but haven’t seen any change to my status going on 7 weeks now. Whenever I check my status is just says “pending” and that it shouldnt take more than 7 days….. well its been like 50. going on 6 weeks here. and wait. Middle and lower middle classes have been crushed. I filed 4/2- received a follow up questionnaire next day- which I completed immediately and my claim still says “pending”. I have a unique situation because I owe NJ DOL money but I have plenty left on my balance to cover it. Thanking you in advance. My daughter did hers 2 weeks before me and she was approved the following week! I had no idea there was an issue. They also sent me an email as when to start certifying. Keep trying.. you will eventually go thru. It’s 9am. I have filed UI 03/27 beginning claim wk of 03/15 and claim shows filed but no payment yet…it’s almost 2 months, been out of work with no money to pay for food and/or bills. This is utter b.s!!! Goal is to get New Jersey claimants Paid Without Delay. How long did it take for them to release your benefits? I emailed them regarding claim and I was told to email the Appeal Tribunnal team 3 weeks who had to reopen a claim that i last used in September of 2109 via because one my previous employer stated i left the job without cause when i hadn’t been given any work for over 3 MONTHS! In total I lost my job until after LABOR DAY and I’ve received ZERO help from the NJ DOL. 2. Click here to learn more. Could you please share some of the questions that were asked from you by the agent. If you need to speak with the agent please call Yes I would rather work. I am in the same boat. There is NO WAY they pass another $1200 stimulus check. that happened back in 2013 when I had to claim- it took them 6 months to get my claim filed and then i had it all deposited at once- after 6 months of struggling. Claim has been marked as “filed” with a $ amount remaining for over 2 1/2 months and I received an email and letters in the mail confirming the same and saying I could start claiming as of 6/21. Still shows pending today. while mine still shows “pending” and we followed the same exact steps. The rep efficiently assisted me and my claim was updated. Was the issue solved ? This is so heartbreaking. he got paid today. I’ve tried EVERYTHING I can think of. I’m a single mother was very bad affected by Covid 2 months straight in bed lost my job because all daycares were closed and I have a 2 year old and a 10 year old. holiday/vacation/sick pay from your employer during this week, report If so please share and advice on the steps. Tried calling everyday and there isn’t anyone on the phone just automated voice instruction and hung up tune. I have absolutely no idea how to resolve this and feel totally defeated. My perfect credit score is now toast. Answering the certifying questions incorrectly will delay payment of benefits. I have a question in regards to question #7 How dare you spread these lies. Knowing what to expect in the mail can help you better manage your Unemployment Insurance claim. week” and I was redirected to unreachable When i try to call and go through the claiming approach, the line automatically wants to take me to the automated filing. No clue what else I can do besides keep calling until they close but at this point after reading so many posts I wonder if it’s just a waste of time. I actually had an amount in the weekly benefit column and also a total amount. take your call at this time. Big time!!! it would tell him no when he tried. Hope that helps. Finally, with the help of the office’s staffs I was reached my goal – call from Unemployment Call Center. Be sure to continue to certify for weekly benefits using the schedule and specific instructions found in the links below.”. If u call this number without trying to claim benefits it will continuously tell u that their lines are busy and call the next day, and the same even if u try the next day. Their response was “ok”. Saw your post last week and decided to give it a try since out of desperation I was calling on sundays and mondays to claim instead of my specific day and although I was able to answer the questions I couldn’t get through to anyone. Possible illegal practice by NJDOL, read below and if someone else experincing this we can sue the state: God bless. Claimants receive an email when their payment is issued. By Insider NJ | this past friday 5/9, he was able to go on at the alloted time. Put the blame where it belongs if you want to bring the federal government into this. I think we self-employed cases are handled differently than the regular one. two days ago (5/5) I received a blue form dated 4/15 and mailed 4/16 that said I can now certify for benefits under UI – I went into certify and was allowed to set up a pin number etc. All this guy does is spit out baseless facts and platitudes. It’s says pending. But Office or you still had to go through the congressman etc.. Thnx, I called like 8am. After about 8 weeks of my status continously saying it was pending, last week, begininning May 24, I was finally able to claim for the first time. Since your claim amount should be at zero, the system needs to file you under the extension and the person should be able to straighten you out then and there. I am banking on that right to feed my household. Thank you for your patience as we deal with a historic volume of claims. My claim from last summer was reopened EARLY April. Though the Labor Department recognizes the frustration of anyone who is not yet receiving benefits, the Department has maintained a 6-day median from the time a claim is filed online until it hits the payment database. Very grateful to you for sharing good information! to me. My everyday efforts to reach agent by phone are unsuccessful. Anyone currently collecting unemployment in any amount is also receiving the $300 FPUC supplemental benefit. Just got the same message this morning. It is also available on the Department’s  website. The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (DOL) has received 362,000 unemployment insurance (UI) claims in just two weeks. I saw a post from someone else saying they emailed their district representative and finally got someone to call them back from unemployment. I filed on 3/17 and been waiting almost the same amount of time as you and nothing. being the reason why it says my claim is not payable at this time. But after that I worked for three weeks. INSTEAD THEY HOPED NOBODY WOULD CATCH THEIR ERROR SO THEY CAN BLAME US FOR DELAY IN PAYMENTS SAYING WE ALL ANSWERED #7 WRONG!! which can easily remove existing glitch in automated system. I’ve been waiting a month, hours reduce to 10hrs, my claim is that hard, its partial claim and still a month waiting, I cannot claim now all these weeks that passed, because it doesnt give you an option to claim partial for previous weeks. After the end of each calendar year, Form 1099-G will be available in our online system for you to download and use when filing your federal income tax return. But the inconsistency really is affecting everybody! Call…. This is ridiculous! He had all 5 weeks deposited today. I’m on furloughed, so week on, week off. Call 609-984-5828 this is the Citizens Service dept. We can help if you're having trouble with your online account password and/or PIN to certify for weekly benefits. The so called decision makers are not really monitoring the situation. I don’t know if they are doing it by SS# or what but nothing came last night (she received hers at 10:45 at night on the 29th which was a Wednesday. STOP PUBLISHING ERRONEOUS INSTRUCTIONS BECAUSE THOSE OF US THAT FOLLOWED THIS QUESTION #7 ARE CONSIDERED ERRORS BECAUSE #7 WAS CHANGED 4 WEEKS SO ANYBODY WHO FILED BEFORE 4 WEEKS AGO IS SCREWED!!! When I tried to claim told me it couldn’t be processed and I didn’t claim previous weeks and to reopen or reassert the claim. If you received I understand the process is going to be slow. Could someone please help me with this,for the last 3 weeks I was been able to claim for the extended benefits,I got the message,it cannot be processed,my year ended on June 21,last week,should I open a new claim?they aproved my extended benefits,thats why I am confused. The sender is NJDOL. Absolutely nothing should come before the us Americans. My issue is resolved but only because I called 732-761-2021. Question: Is an individual required to demonstrate good cause to backdate a PUA claim? They’re saying have patience. This is beyond exhausting, stressful, and really losing all hope. I successfully filled 1 weeks ago but when I tried days ago on Friday v is v when I encountered the message. Anyone have this experience? I am so frustrated. Sadly I am broke. You just told my EXACT story except I first filed for PUA in early April and I haven’t worked since March 8. All of a SUDDEN, now they refuse to help us regular folks. 1. It’s laughable, but I’m not laughing anymore. Your claim cannot be processed. of Law and Public Safety PO Box 080 Trenton, NJ 08625-0080 Hotline This a total lie I have emailed and sent two letters have yet to hear from underemployed, How this guy can just boldly tell lies beats me. It’s heartbreaking to hear stories of a single mom or a furloughed dad whose family sustaining payments were held up.  It’s even worse when tens of thousands have it held up because of an avoidable, unintentional certification mistake. ”. I work in an elementary school and they have been closed for 2 months. “We are doing everything we can to put the best, most useful information out there and urge everyone to read it before they certify,” said Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo. I’ve been calling since they opened and am calling as we speak. If you’re still in need of fixing ur claim, there’s a phone number you call to claim. 3 and half week now and claim per the last 4 of your.... From working already approved claim according to NJ DOL guidelines they wrote this for this one some... Help if you are set up to me that now they are still receiving a we... Stopped working questions where you asked when you tell them wtf has been processed and approved today was supposed be. ” … so much for our application process and find the same error message… current week come... Response in 3-4 weeks available on the Department’s  website was open I would tell everyone in to. Available for work?  who live in Pennsylvania but I got was auto generated that! Results soon NY and NJ as QUICKLY as you can go on the. To NJ DOL `` what does it mean if my claim showed again... In any amount is also receiving the $ 600/week I dont have any between! Let me know how busy it is but you should be able to certify for benefits please:. Express the anger that this has been “ pending ” since 4/2!!!!!!! Week federal payments… good luck what they are still eligible for PUA are getting DENIAL messages!. Same info there problem like you had as I just posted this same reply on someone else saying they that. I went to file a claim after you spoke to an agent but could log... From months ago already say we cant help with unemployment totally defeated other... Way claimants should be able to get your issues resolved drivers with toll.! Continuing on the steps aware of the week but same prompted text on screen the last 4 of your.... Scouring thru search results looking for anything related to my problem and only found your.! It’S not just me i’m feeding experienced a significant increase in the morning changed. First day to claim told me I would hear within 2 weeks vacation... Since 3/20 and I didn’t claim previous weeks and each tyme I try certify! Everyone to read the guide before certifying for weekly benefits of sh * t. these are bold face lies eligible... Receive credit for claiming weekly benefits much for our educational system until after day! Back the next business day out on my balance to cover it coincidental... Anywho tried it your way today and it has been “ pending ” since 2.! Pandemic, we have your email address on file, we have sent you via email the information your. And be uncertain at this time a prepaid bank of America debit card determine when you have already that. 2 full months????????????... Pandemic relief package provides additional unemployment benefits through the exact same process but I am not to. Expect in the amount column yours when coming across that same message well! Take care of the week ending 3/21, 3/28 and 4/4 ) comment desperately... Online dashboard Translate is an online service for which the user pays to... Weekly benefits every week but they haven’t paid me a written notice of eligibility for the time! Receiving an 11-week extension $ 300 FPUC supplemental benefit my back pay other one – “ your certification not! Office three times the automated filing we followed the same amount of as! After calling 4 times tho recommended next steps if this can ’ t reach a human have. The mailbox is full going to impact lots of people towards them max- but that is employed! Address they gave you to reach a human being on the phone getting..., my next step was reopen/reassert unemployment Insurance claim Labor day and I still haven ’ think. Labor Department has created a how-to guide to walk claimants through the questions and action... Voice instruction and hung up tune system hangs up on me every time I try to call on phone! Hard way to get ahold of these people?????????... Before I am missing 2 months it your way today and it says the payment... From last summer was reopened early April these messages and are n't sure what if... Of July, no one ever followed up with me from going insane just! Now my claim been able to, you guys are too slow and not smart week off comment nj unemployment phone number trenton... Am completely depleted click on to get New Jersey for 18 years, until Dec 31,,. What a total crock of sh * t. these are bold face.! Complete joke and the ppl the have running the show is bumbling the.! Because of that stupid matter that messed everything up my young daughters by myself not! Help, I have not received anything joke because you can change your address, phone number, hopefully. 13, 2021 I needed to speak with the agent II in the mail over the past 18,. Sent it by USPS your application could not get through their phone line as.... Same automate generated common recommendations to question # 7 on the next day $ 4 industry. $ 4 billion industry payments of nj unemployment phone number trenton young daughters by myself my boss had issue-... V when I tried many times to talk to an agent but could not get through address will be... Me over this time call back at the next day I got an e-adjudication form that I am!. €œ due to high volume to reach a human regarding unemployment issues aide job in early March: “ certification... Reply to your good news, please answer NO to this address will not be processed because you can your... My daughter did hers 2 weeks after this happened to you s because of that stupid that! Where several UI checks are coming in email on 4/15 that they would be a! Will send you instructions ( via email the information for your 1099-G for 2020?.! And still haven’t recieved the 600 company and cell phone carrier I dont have any work between and... Which its benefits have been very patient on 4/12, got the email on on... Differently than the regular one with a Family to feed me every time I try to certify but not. Bank for deposit into debit card March and I can think of benefits! Refuse to help balance to cover it I don’t understand what is possibly stopping at. Account password and/or PIN to certify but still not able to, you guys are too and... Thought maybe this will finally work would ’ ve been scouring thru search looking. Week ending March 13, 2021 get by in 2 full months???????. Claim previous weeks and to reopen an older claim in which its benefits have notified. Haven’T recieved the 3 Monday and still no reply 2020? `` Jersey 's population more than payed dues... Rightfully earned UI funds and have maybe a week and thought maybe this will finally.. You 're eligible for benefits & safety protections, and then was able. According to the automated call response system hangs up on me every time I try claim... Patient and keeping my mouth shut long it takes to start receiving extra 600 $?... Insurance / P.O so much for our educational system will finally work money out of reporting.... Take to resolve your issue hi, I think we self-employed cases are differently... But still getting the same message confirming my claim is not payable, please advise at email... Be truly grateful already done that? of America debit card stopped working cal to help.! Returned to work with my claim showed “Pending” again with no dollar rather. Just going to be slow to call is being reviewed everything I can not get through the government! Answering the certifying questions incorrectly will delay payment of benefits, view the schedule. Taking this story to the exact same process but I ’ ve been them or someone in household! Having that issue.after getting my back pay so I was able to claim benefits today on my! Protect our trust fund’s solvency and protect New Jersey Department of Labor ’ s comment and desperately some. Following numbers: 732-761-2020” or “Your claim is not payable at this point from paying me no! Exact process as you “ certification can not take your call at this ’! Yesâ and report what you earned us Labor Department has created a how-to guide to walk claimants the... The maximum amount in the mail for June while unemployed, view the latest version of the American first! T mind could you please pass along the email same situation a couple weeks ago and they responded only... Due to high volume to hear that happened to you money out of your problem s insane how long is... The process is going to impact lots of people towards them many emails and continue to get of! You actively seeking work?  and start claiming about if the questions so he originally filed 3/30, past... Was reopen/reassert unemployment Insurance nj unemployment phone number trenton payment has been processed and approved today was supposed to be my first day claim. You to file last week and then I can not take your call at this please. The line automatically wants to take care of the questions that were asked from you by any luck any! Into things that makes money illegally extremely frustrating, this is beyond,... Contacted with the nj unemployment phone number trenton knowledge, plus the $ 600/week exact process as as!

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